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Celer Network Airdrop 2019 - Earn your Free Crypto Tokens

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CelerX is the gateway to a fun decentralized world, where you can find a variety of Celer-accelerated apps powering everything from instant payments, interactive games to prediction market. New fun Apps are being developed and added by our community every day.


  • Download the app Download CelerX beta on either iOS or Android and play 10 or more games of “Gomoku”, a highly interactive board game built with Celer Network’s layer-2 scaling technology.

    Over the length of the competition for a chance to win one of 1,500 places in a $20 airdrop of CELR tokens.

    After downloading the CelerX app you will need to enter your tester code to confirm both your entry and eligibility. (Note the iOS version will require the app “TestFlight” to be downloaded first).

  • If you encounter any technical issues during the testing, please contact the technical support team at telegram.

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Celer Network

20.0 USD