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1 Feb 2021

7 Ways to Earn Money While Studying

Nisha Ramesh

Studying in college is a fantastic experience, and many people claim that it is some of the best years of their lives. You are schooled by some brilliant minds and given a lot of time to learn and experience the world.

In fact:

College is the gateway to adulthood. But, we all know that most students have a lot of time but very little money.

Some may sit around wondering what to do with so much time. And some others go ahead and make the most of their time by learning something new or gaining experience. 

To experience the world and learn new things, you will require money. And as a student, you may wonder how it is possible to make money. This is why today we will be talking about various ways to make some money alongside studies. 

Here is a list of ways to earn money while studying:

Ways To Earn Money While Studying

1. Freelance

Freelancing is the new cool. A person who is not tied down to one company as an employee and take up jobs from various clients is a freelancer. Freelancers are paid for the time put into the project.

If you have a few hours to spare and possess any skill such as writing, web designing, blogging, coding, etc., you can take up freelancing as a side hustle.

Your earnings from the freelancing gigs will depend on the quality of your work. Suppose you are a web designer; you will get paid based on the quality of design and graphics on the web page you built.

Suppose you have created a good network of clients and have established yourself as a freelancer while studying itself. It will be effortless to transition into your job after college.

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2. Trading in Stock/Crypto markets

If you are someone who likes to experience the adrenaline rush when you make profits, trading could be your cup of tea. Until a decade ago, people majorly traded only on stocks in the stock market.

Recently, crypto trading has taken more prominence among traders.

To start trading in stocks, you need to hold a Demat account and sign up on a platform. Crypto trading requires you to do a quick KYC before you start. You need to be more than 18 years of age to hold a Demat account or register with a crypto platform.

Trading is a profitable and exciting side hustle to do, provided you have done your research and analysis of the markets before you leap.

It also carries significant risk, so be cautious to trade only with money that you do not need for your daily expenses.

3. Start Blogging

Blogging may sound like an out of style job, but trust me, there is much demand for blogs. People look up to the internet for everything these days.


If your articles are useful and exciting, more traffic flows into your website. When you have more traffic on your blogs, people will approach you to display their ads. 

You can make significant money by just giving some space in your already set up blog for running ads. It would be best if you were consistent with posting your articles. This is a slow yet steady source of income once you have it set up. 

4. Online Teaching

This is one of the best ways to make money for students in India. All you need to do is choose a topic or subject you are interested in and familiar with. It can be anything from high school English to college-level physics. 

There are numerous platforms online that have partnered with students to make education and knowledge available to all. Sign up with one of those, and you can earn some decent bucks during your spare time.

5. Social Media Management

These days every business thrives on social media. Still, most companies do not have the time to manage their social media handles themselves. Also, hiring a full-time manager would be an expensive deal. So, many businesses outsource their social media handles. 

You may already be very active on social media, so try reaching out to a couple of online businesses and offer to manage their social media accounts. This can earn you good money.

If you are not interested in handling others’ accounts, you can produce engaging content on your own account. This way, you can earn many followers and become a social media influencer. 

6. Part-Time Jobs

Part-time jobs could fetch you a decent source of income as a student. Plus, working part-time adds experience to your resume, which would be considered when you graduate and look for full-time jobs.

Many stores and businesses have jobs that do not require a full-time employee. You can spot one of those places and get paid to work on an hourly basis. 

7. Online Surveys

If you happen to be a natural shopper, that trait could also earn you some money. There are plenty of online surveys conducted by giant corporates to understand their customer base.

It requires you to give an honest review of their products along with a few other details. You get paid for every survey you complete. 

Bottom Line

The ways mentioned above could be great opportunities to make money as a student. Though it may not be much, I am pretty confident that it will cover your basic needs and expenses as a student without relying on borrowed money.

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Nisha Ramesh

Content Writer

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