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  • Augur aims to lead the crypto segment of the $52 Billion online gambling industry.
  • It is a gamblers’ cryptocurrency that allows betting on real-world events in sports, politics, and economies.
  • It allows its users to create a market for specific matters/questions and bet on its outcomes by buying positive or negative shares to reflect their opinions.
  • Augur is a global, boundary-less platform that calls itself the world’s most accessible, no-limit betting ground.
  • Augur aims to eliminate unethical practices in the betting industry by eliminating self-interested parties that maintain a ledger, and involve in malpractices like corruption and theft. It provides a decentralized platform that uses automated smart contracts and Oracle to match predictions with real-world outcomes and reward the person serving the right predictions.

REP stands for Reputation. It is a staking token on the Augur platform mainly traded in exchange pairs with Bitcoin & Tether. Augur is an Ethereum based exchange for prediction-based trading. It leverages betting as a tool to gather global data points and market sentiments using crowdsourced knowledge of its participants.

  • Augur raised $5 million in 2015 Rep ICO, selling 8.8 million coins in 4 rounds based on final pro-rata prices. It offered attractive bonuses to initial buyers.
  • It is currently one of the hottest crypto investments, with already a 120% gain in 2021.
  • It has a high volatility index with positive future prospects.


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