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What is district0x ?

District0x is a network of autonomous communities and markets called districts. Aragon, Ethereum, and IPFS power it. It enables the creation of decentralised markets and communities on the Ethereum blockchain through smart contracts. Anybody may install a district on the network for free.

Matus Lestan, Co-Founder and Lead Coder is a self-taught developer with a solid commitment to decentralisation. For eight years, Matus was a freelance developer and is well-known for his contributions to the Clojure-Ethereum ecosystem through several open-source contributions.

Joe Urgo, Co-Founder, Operations – Sourcerer’’s Founder/CEO Joe has worked at Coinbase as an Operations Manager, Three Arrows Capital as a Derivatives Trader, and a Professional Poker Player.

Primary features of district0x

  • District0x is a blockchain-based software platform that enables users to construct and manage decentralised markets and communities dubbed “Districts.”
  • District0x provides the basic functionality required to operate an online market or community, such as posting listings and making payments. 
  • AragonDAO, an open-source software platform, governs each district. 
  • District0x’s currency DNT grants voting rights inside each district.

Is district0x a promising cryptocurrency?

The price of DNT has risen in the last few months. Still, it is trading well below its all-time high, indicating significant upside potential ahead.

Many market leaders feel that District0x is expected to be one of the best-performing small cryptocurrencies in 2021.  However, please carry out your adequate research before investing. 

How to use district0x coins?

  • Influence the future of marketplaces: 

DNT, District0x’s cryptocurrency, enables users to have a say in developing markets built on the platform. DNT holders can stake the cryptocurrency to determine which districts are permitted to operate on the network.

  • Voting: 

One can use District0x Coins to obtain voting rights in any district on the network.

  • Trading: 

One can buy and trade in District0x (DNT) Coins.

Pros & Cons of district0x coin


  • District0x’s mission is to create a flexible and free-market via the use of innovative entrepreneurial principles.
  • Implementing the staking interface enables DNT holders to exercise complete control over districts via an Aragon governance layer for all new markets.
  • Without the need for additional development or programming expertise, the creation interface removes central power structures from any marketplace.


  • The platform has not been able to attract new customers due to the intrinsic valuation of the token. 
  • Even after four years since launch, District0x currency ranks 303 in the overall cryptocurrency market cap. 
  • DNT is very volatile in nature. So, if a user can’t take the risk, investing in smaller market cap altcoins like District0x may not be your piece of cake.  


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district0x ICO summary

District0x held its ICO in July 2017, raising roughly $9 million by selling 600 million DNT tokens at $0.0168 each. The total supply of DNT will be 1 billion.

FAQ's on district0x

Is district0x worth investing in?

You can buy District0x as the token price is relatively low.

Where to buy District0x?

You can buy District0x on cryptocurrency exchanges such as CoinSwitch Kuber.

Who owns District0x?

San Francisco-based firm named district 0x backs the project. Urgo manages as CEO and Matus as technical lead.

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District0x is a blockchain-based software platform that enables users to construct and manage decentralised markets and communities dubbed “Districts.”