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Compare Live VeriCoin Price
across all exchanges
VeriCoin Price Prediction and Live VeriCoin Price Chart

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Live VeriCoin Price (USD), Market Cap and Supply

VeriCoin Price for today is $0.05288532104457. Its current circulating supply is VRC 33,902,054 with a market cap of $1,792,921.

Price -1.7249719% (24h)

$ 0.05288532104457

24H High

$ 0.0695

24H Low

$ 0.0433

Market Cap

$ 1,792,921

24H Volume

$ 168

Coin Supply

33,902,054 VRC

VeriCoin Price Chart

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Live VeriCoin Price (USD), Market Cap and Supply Details With Last 24-Hour Movements

Currently, VeriCoin (VRC) is trading at $0.0529 with VRC price 1.7249719% down today. The market cap of VeriCoin is USD 1,792,921 with 33,902,054 vrc circulating currently. The 24-hour price movement chart indicates that $168 worth of VRC were trading. The price peaked to $0.0695 in the last 24 hours while the lowest price was $0.0433.

VeriCoin Price Prediction With 5-Years VeriCoin Price Forecast

VeriCoin price prediction suggest that the VeriCoin price is up for a long-term 4450.372301% in the VRC price value with a 5-year investment. This means that in the year 2023, the VeriCoin price is forecasted to stand at $2.406479 . You can keep track of VeriCoin’s progress by adding it to your wallet portfolio.

price charts offer important metrics needed in the cryptocurrency trade. CoinSwitch’s real-time VeriCoin price charts show traders the trends in VRC price chronologically so they can keep track of the coin’s performance. The charts also display the trading volume over days in an easy-to-interpret format that traders of all levels can grasp. At its peak in Jan 2018, the VeriCoin value hit a peak of USD 2.61 and showed potential for moving hundreds of percentage points in a short time. Despite the dip in its run over the last few months, the coin has shown great potential as an investment.

VeriCoin works on PoST (Proof-of-Stake-Time) which is its own protocol which makes it super fast unlike Bitcoin. An added bonus, just like in a savings account, the coin holders gain interest when they leave their digital wallets running on the computer. Also of importance is Verium, a digital commodity the developers of VeriCoin have created to solve the problems of transactions and mining speeds, security and decentralisation. It runs independently supporting the VeriCoin blockchain which improves the blockchain scaling and speed.

1-Year Forecast3-Year Forecast5-Year Forecast
*This VeriCoin (VRC) price prediction is based on the data collected from various sources. This should not be considered as an investing parameter and user should do their own research before investing.

Buy, Sell, Trade VRC At Best Rates

VeriCoin is an altcoin that is a proof-of-stake-time based cryptocurrency which has a variable interest rate. Designed to offer higher transaction times, it has an easy to use the desktop wallet that has a host of additional features. Compared to other cryptocurrencies and traditional banking systems, VeriCoin is easier and more intuitive to use. Although it is very similar to the popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, it differs in a few key areas which make it user-friendly. Its design is of that of a transaction token and is traded across many of the major exchanges.

To Trade VRC Coin you can use a trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform such as CoinSwitch which offers you info from all the major trade exchanges around the globe. Being an aggregator of cryptocurrency exchange information, you can buy VeriCoin using any coin that you may already hold.

Supporting over 300 crypto coins and offering over 45000 exchange pairs, you can exchange VeriCoin for any other coin of your choices such as Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin, Dash and a lot more. It is also possible to sell VeriCoin on an exchange of your choice swiftly at the best offer on the platform so you can get the best out of your investment. To Trade VRC coin, you will need a VeriCoin wallet and CoinSwitch does not ask for the key when you buy or Sell VRC.

About VeriCoin (VRC)

To those asking what is VeriCoin, the VRC cryptocurrency is similar to much of the earlier altcoins but features its special components such as Proof-of-Stake-Time, Disinflation, Binary chain and more. Vericoin offers an optional data protection service called VeriSend that makes transactions completely anonymous. Along with that, their VeriBit service enables users to pay with their VeriCoin wallet wherever Bitcoin is accepted, opening Bitcoin stores to VeriCoin users.

If you are new to crypto trading, it's always advisable to learn about, what is VeriCoin, it's benefits and indicative return on investment.

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