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Aigang (AIX)

The insurance industry is days away from a technological and business milestone. The Aigang Network’s token sale on November 15th brings together Internet of Things devices and Autonomous Insurance, promising self-paying insurance claims on a subset of the 55 billion IoT products to forecast to be produced over the next eight years. Aigang has created Proof of Concept products on the Ethereum blockchain that detect faults or failure dates (initially in mobile phones) and pay insurance claims to the user without the requirement for any human oversight. In other words, Aigang is creating an insurance DAO; a Distributed Autonomous Organisation. The Proof of Concept app, on the Ethereum Testnet platform, has more than 7000 downloads and around 2000 smart insurance contracts have been issued. Aigang has deployed smart contracts that issue policies, conduct risk assessment and process claims. It has also deployed smart contracts that perform insurance profit calculations, create reserves and tokenize the insurance risk pool. The protocol architecture is able to integrate other insurance products. AIX Tokenх Members will receive Aigang AIX token rewards in return for telling whether they are bullish or bearish on particular insurance markets or products. Aigang uses a ‘proof-of-stake’/‘proof-of-reputation’ algorithm based on token ownership and an immutable reputation score stored on the blockchain. It takes into account the current weight in the prediction market, mechanics of insurance pools, the user’s proportion of total AIX tokens, and their reputation score. As well as predictions, the AIX token will allow members to submit proposals for product improvements, making prediction markets a tool for product development. A vibrant community of smart insurance enthusiasts is critical, and we will attract those people by rewarding accurate predictions.

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