What is Alphacat (ACAT)?
Future of ACAT Cryptocurrency and know how to buy ACAT

#1 – What is Alphacat?

The growth of digital assets and cryptocurrencies has led to significant advancements in financial technology. However, the current financial technology struggles to see adoption amongst ordinary investors due to its high-demanding expertise, data, and resources. This is where Alphacat makes its entry.

Alphacat – The Basics

  1. Alphacat claims to be world’s most advanced AI marketplace. It works with a robot advisor for investment management, and is a platform that integrates financial technologies with the cryptocurrency world to disperse the benefits to a larger audience.
  2. It is also the first digital currency that is based on AI and big data resources to function as a quantitative investment platform. With a team of Wall Street experts working on this project, it plans to disrupt the fintech industry and create a unique ecosystem of financial services for digital assets.
  3. As an open-source platform, Alphacat aims to develop AI-trading robots that simplify the process of investment and democratize the cryptocurrency market.

Alphacat Development

Dr Bin Li founded Alphacat’s core team back in 2015. Dr Li formerly worked as the Vice President at Merrill Lynch, Executive Director at UBS, and a few other executive positions. He created of a team of experts from the Wall Street as well as members from Google’s AI program.


#2 – What are the benefits of Alphacat?

Alphacat Technology

  1. At the core of Alphacat’s platform runs the Alphacat Engine. It is divided into an:
    1. index engine,
    2. AI forecasting engine, and
    3. Analysis tools.
  2. It combines the work of many artificial intelligence bots to provide its results. It also works with patented trading algorithms and big-data analysis. Developers can design and position their apps using this powerful engine to increase their accessibility.
  3. Alphacat has an ACAT-Terminal, a database that records and manages thousands of datasets to provide insights into the cryptocurrency market. This terminal makes it easy for prospective investors to understand and steer through the crypto market without much technical analysis.
  4. The platform’s marketplace is the ACAT-Store. It enables all the investors to buy AI-powered applications developed with the ACAT-Engine. It has been designed as a decentralized marketplace for crypto power tools.
  5. The platform employs the NEO blockchain network. The blockchain constitutes of verified researchers that provide their expert insights to the community of investors. It protects intellectual property and helps accelerate the spread of information.

Transaction Process

  1. Any participant, for instance, creates a new application on the Alphacat platform. Investors can subscribe to this application or distribute this invention with the use of ACAT tokens.
  2. Architects, engineers, and developers can fix a staking amount for their invention. They will then receive the token staked by the users for the use of their application.
  3. The creators can also avail evaluation services on the platform by inviting surveyors once they have released their application. This service will require some ACAT tokens.
  4. The platform rewards ACAT tokens to the best performances from architects, surveyors, and engineers.


  1. Advanced Financial Technology: By utilizing AI, the blockchain, and big data analysis, Alphacat is integrating the most advanced technologies into its system to provide financial services. It is, therefore, offering more efficient investment facilities at lower costs.
  2. Decentralized Community of Experts: Alphacat provides financial forecasting through its own team of researchers and certifies experts. Simultaneously, it is expanding its ecosystem through incentives to create a decentralized community of contributors.
  3. Open Development Platform: With a full-scale development platform, Alphacat seeks to offer all the services like quality management, sharing, invention, settlement, etc. to the developers. It will provide convenience in the field of investment strategies.

Corporate Usage

Alphacat’s marketplace serves three types of users:

  1. Architects and Engineers: It can be used by creators who present the foundation of different algorithms by understanding the contexts of non-financial information. Algorithm creators can also perform operations on ACAT-Store. They will be able to upload their research contributions by staking ACAT tokens. In turn, they will be rewarded for their contributions on the basis of the performance results.
  2. Professional Investors: It is meant for users who make investments based on algorithm-generated analysis and researched insights. They are awarded ACAT tokens when they subscribe to any contribution by the architects or engineers.
  3. Common Investors: Alphacat serves the ordinary investors. They can use the platform and its services without any technical know-how and experience. They will require ACAT tokens to use the platform’s features.


#3 – How to buy and store ACAT?

Alphacat’s cryptocurrency ACAT is available for purchase on exchanges like HitBTC, CoinGecko, and KuCoin.

  1. CoinSwitch, as the largest cryptocurrency conversion platform, offers you to exchange your cryptos for ACAT. You have the option to go through over 45,000 pairs of crypto exchange to choose your preferred one.
  2. What’s more - with CoinSwitch, you do not rely on a separate wallet from the exchange to store your Alphacat cryptocurrency. Instead, all transactions happen to and from your own personal private wallets.


  1. ACAT is an ERC20 compliant coin. One of the most suitable options for storing ACAT coins, therefore, is the myEtherWallet. You have to first visit the website and create an account, if you don't already have one. Download the keystore file and back it up at a safe location. You will then receive a private key to your wallet. Get a printout of this key for safety purposes.
  2. Another good means of storage is hardware wallets. It also eliminates the fear of online hacking and security loopholes. Ledger and Trezor are some convenient options to store ACAT coins. Both are available at Amazon.


#4 – What is the future of Alphacat?

Alphacat has done great since its foundation. The team received a VC funding of 30 million RMB in 2016. The platform has also mounted up 1.2 billion financial data points. The Alphacat Engine was released in its beta version in 2016 and generated 23% annual returns in the Flagship China A-share market.

  1. The company has also laid out its planned roadmap for 2018. The first quarter witnessed developments in the project’s database and API. It also made improvements in ACAT Store’s underlying architecture.
  2. The second quarter had targets regarding the Alphacat AI Forecasting Engine and its integration with BTC, ETH, NEO, and EOS. This phase also aimed at testing the ACAT Store online. It included listing ACAT on 8 exchanges.
  3. The third quarter will work on analysis tools for the market status and digital currency asset allocation. The ACAT store is planned to get features like application review, application management system, offline developer, comment system, and secondary authentication system. The company also plans to make improvements in the Alphacat Index Engine.
  4. The fourth quarter has objectives to develop the AI Forecasting Engine further. The Alphacat Index Engine is planned to get its Representative Public Blockchain Ecological Index. The ACAT store will have features like order system, transaction history, online developer community, and payment system.

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#5 – How is Alphacat different from other cryptos?

As a platform, Alphacat is one of a kind. There are no platforms in the cryptocurrency market that offer the services that Alphacat ventures to provide. Its exclusivity lies in the technology that it employs to present useful investment services.

  1. The ACAT Engine is a synthesis of tools and engines that provide accurate predictions and forecasts. It makes research easier for all kinds of investors to make their investment bids.
  2. The ACAT Terminal is a storehouse of historical data related to price trends, capital flow, and other market information. It is a powerful channel for the platform to offer investment insights to its users.
  3. The ACAT Store is another distinctive feature that works as a marketplace for the trade of crypto-power-tools. It is built for developers and blockchain engineers to make their inventions more accessible.


#6 – Should you invest in Alphacat?

  1. Alphacat is a very new entrant in the cryptocurrency market. The project looks promising in terms of the facilities it seeks to offer. The company has also created a detailed whitepaper and roadmap.
  2. Alphacat’s potential lies mainly in the fact that it strives to simplify the process of investing. Using the forecasts on this platform, the ordinary man can also make profitable investments. At the same time, it also caters to developers and architects through its marketplace facility. In sum, Alphacat has a wide target audience.
  3. The platform was joined by around twenty reputed institutions, such as the NEXT Blockchain Fund, FenBushi Venture Capital, Alpha Connect, as its investors. With a low market capitalization of $8 million, it can be a good investment option.


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