What is Blockport (BPT)?
Future of BPT Cryptocurrency and know how to buy BPT

#1 - What is Blockport (BPT)?

Blockport is a decentralized blockchain, developed to ease the process of recording transactions anonymously. It was launched to bridge the missing link between the ultra-modern blockchain and the people wishing to use it who might not be that tech-savvy or experts in economics!

BPT Blockport: The Basics

  1. Blockport is a decentralized blockchain platform used to create a secure environment for transactions made using cryptocurrencies. The Blockport team aims to reduce the hassles involved in using a blockchain from the perspective of a layperson.
  2. Blockport also targets an altogether new crypto trading environment by blending social, technological and crypto economic concepts.
  3. Many people agree on one thing: cryptocurrencies are complex. That has been a major hurdle preventing their widespread acceptance as a means of conducting transactions. Blockport aims to bring a simple yet high-technology solution to the people. The team hopes that people will be motivated to convert to cryptocurrency transactions and adopt this technology readily.

Blockport Development

  1. Sebastiaan Lichter is Blockport’s founder and CEO. Having worked with a Dutch company to create an artificially intelligent chatbot, he is an entrepreneur at heart. There are other prominent figures leading Blockport’s team as well. Specialists like Gino Taselar and Pascal van Steen have a reservoir of talent and ideas that have attracted a lot of brilliant minds to join the team.
  2. The company’s first action was to gather a group of young talents and channelizing them into creating this blockchain. The developers then launched a white paper followed by developing an alpha prototype.
  3. The pre-sale of the token began on January 3, 2018, after which the alpha prototype was launched. The tokens were made available to the public on January 24 which also saw the launch of the first beta version.
  4. Post this, the company launched the full version 1.0 and along with that, beta version 2.0 was released. This has social trading feature such as buying and selling of items amongst the traders on the platform. This feature was included for the first time in the Beta Version 2.0.
  5. Full version 2.0 was launched later which had 50+ cryptocurrencies and tokens available for exchange. Another version, Version 3.0 was launched later on that supported over 100 cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  6. A fully developed third version included all the popular cryptocurrencies and tokens for exchange. It was a hybrid and decentralized blockchain.


#2 - What are the benefits of Blockport?

Blockport Technology

  1. The concept of the blockchain was built on 5 pillars to act as a portal between the users and a smoothly functioning blockchain. These five pillars were usability, security, transparency, education, and liquidity.
  2. Blockport cryptocurrency is a token based on Ethereum. It is an ERC20 token which can be used on this social, hybrid and decentralized exchange system. This token can be used for end-to-end trading, purchasing from the market and social trading which includes buying and selling of assets between two traders on the platform.
  3. There are two parts to a transaction in this case:
    1. - During the decentralized part of the transaction, the owner can keep the coins in the wallet. These coins are kept safe by private keys. Private keys are the only means by which the coins can be mined. So even if the system is compromised, without the private key, the currency will not be stolen.
    2. - On the other hand, there is a centralized system. This centralized system is used for trading purposes. It will be used to pay for the trade between two vendors and the transaction will be off the chain.
  4. This hybrid system of transacting using the Blockport cryptocurrency is ideal. This is because it eliminates common problems such as the system getting hacked, coins being stolen and liquidity.

Key Features:

  1. Liquidity:  Blockport improves liquidity by exchanging the assets of the users within the internal exchange. The aggregated liquidity is then combined with public exchanges. Liquidity in simple terms means, the rate of buying and selling of assets. When the system is illiquid, the rates of purchasing can be high.
  2. Security: This blockchain is based on the concept of hybridization between centralized and decentralized blockchains. The coins are stored in the wallet protected by private keys and the transactions are recorded in the decentralized system. The funds in these wallets are secured by the private keys and thus, the possibility of getting hacked is eliminated. The private keys are required to mine the coin. Unless the user does not enter the private key, the coins cannot be mined.
  3. Transparency: Transparency is one such issue that is preventing mass adoption. Lack of transparency in a platform creates distrust among people and they tend to shy away from using it. Blockport has solved this issue by creating a system of continuous analysis of the market prices across multiple platforms and thereby, providing the best price for the asset possible.
  4. Usability: The developers’ team is aimed at making the user interface as friendly as possible. This modern blockchain will also feature an intuitive user experience to cater to the need of all the users.
  5. Education: There is a 24/7 customer support set up by the company. You can even share your cryptocurrency portfolio with other users and get paid in BPT for it! There’s an element of education and training that will help in spreading the word about Blockport transactions.


#3 - How to buy and store Blockport?

How to buy Blockport?

Blockport coins can be purchased in exchange for cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH. Blockport coins are available for purchase from platforms such as SEPA, Sofort, and iDeal. These are third-party platforms which help in exchanging fiat currency for BPT.

The largest cryptocurrency conversion platform is CoinSwitch. When you already own a coin such as BTC or ETH, it can be exchanged for Blockport. This is facilitated by CoinSwitch. The user can select the pair of their choice and exchange their coin with Blockport.

  1. There are around 45,000 pairs of cryptocurrency available to be exchanged for BPT. these cryptocurrency pairs can be used by the investors at no extra cost. The website is fast and secure for exchanges.
  2. There are 300+ tokens which can be used too. These tokens cover almost all the major cryptocurrencies along with not so famous crypto coins too. The exchange system is easy and can be used by people without much technical knowledge too.

How to store Blockport?

One of the major features of the cryptocurrency is the Blockport wallet. It can be used for social trading as well as normal day-to-day transactions. The wallet can be downloaded on the following platforms.

  • Android
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Ubuntu


#4 - What is the future of Blockport?

Since the inception of the coin, the value of the coin has been fluctuating. between the last two months There have been quite a bit of ups and downs during the whole journey.

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  1. Blockport is a hybrid and decentralized blockchain made in a way that it is not only secure but user-friendly too.
  2. The five primary principles based on which the blockchain is developed are quite promising. The vision to act as a bridge between technology and the people, if fulfilled, can bring a revolutionary change in the way the crypto economy works.
  3. The current valuation of Blockport coin is $0.17. The expert analysts at Digital Coin have predicted that the value of the coin will reach around $0.33 by the year 2019.

Price History







Market Cap

July 01, 2018







June 01, 2018







May 01, 2018







Apr 01, 2018








#5 - How is Blockport different from other cryptocurrencies?

Blockport has come up with multiple distinct technologies and features to cope up with its goals of making a simple UI and taking steps that may lead to mass-adoption.

  1. Blockport has a distinct hybrid-decentralized blockchain which not only claims to eliminate serious threats, like a compromise of the system, but also creates a social bond between the traders with its user-friendly interface and social trading concept.
  2. It also provides transparency users. The blockchain offers the best market price for the purchase of the cryptocurrency asset. Additionally, it reduces liquidity by involving public exchanges.
  3. The blockchain is a blend of both centralized and decentralized systems. This is something that the current market does not have. It is expected to empower people with the ability to buy and sell coins at the best market prices.


#6 - Should you Invest in Blockport coin?

  1. This cryptocurrency is based on the concept of social trading. Investors may be attracted to Blockport because of its ease of use. Its seamless experience is going to be the major reason why more and more people are likely to adopt this digital currency in the future.
  2. There are 3 versions of Blockport cryptocurrency that have already been launched in the market. With each new version, the team has claim to develop updates to bolster the network security and add helpful features. Many analysts have predicted an upward graph for the future of this coin.
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