What is BLOCKv (VEE)?
Future of VEE Cryptocurrency and know how to buy VEE

#1 - What is BLOCKv (VEE)?

BLOCKv (VEE): The Basics

  1. BLOCKv is a blockchain-based user interface protocol that facilitates the creation of interactive, dynamic virtual assets. It intends to increase mainstream adoption of the blockchain by allowing businesses to generate revenue from selling obtainable, redeemable, transferable smart goods for the end user.
  2. BLOCKv serves as a staging ground where developers can leverage BLOCKv’s interface protocol layer to develop smart and dynamic virtual goods, called “vAtoms” which are valuable in the real world. On the BLOCKv platform, developers have access to a wide array of tools such as development tutorials, web APIs, distribution & analytical tools, etc. Developers can also an interactive lab to test different APIs before implementing in their applications.
  3. BLOCKv uses its cryptocurrency “V” (VEE) to facilitate all transactions on the platform. VEE tokens are used by different groups for different purposes. BLOCKv uses the token to reward developers, while developers require VEE tokens to pay for various vAtoms operations.

BLOCKv Development

  1. BLOCKv was founded by its CEO, Reeve Collins in Zug, Switzerland. Prior to BLOCKv, Reeve has been the co-founder and CEO of Tether and numerous other projects, which include Red Lever, Pala Interactive, FurionDirect, Traffic Marketplace, and Fingerprint Promotions.
  2. Gunter Thiel is serving as CTO in the BLOCKv, while Lukas Fluri has been appointed as the COO. The company is also backed by a board of 13 advisors.
  3. BLOCKv opteted token generation event for determining a demand oriented price for its token. The company held its initial coin offering between October 19–25, 2017 and raised $21,599,100. Total number of tokens sold in presale and ICO made 35% of the total token supply.

VEE token allocation


#2 - What are the benefits of BLOCKv?

BLOCKv Technology


  1. The developments of smart assets on BLOCKv platform is facilitated by using vAtoms templates, which are a new class of assets that can be owned & traded by end users and are compatible with different environments. Each vAtom is recorded on blockchain, which makes it unique, verifiable, and traceable. Developers can issue these vAtoms in limited quantity in order to increase their exclusiveness and value,
  2. vAtoms work on the same mechanisms of smart contract technology, but with added extra features. Unlike in smart contracts, where we need to use the token in order to execute smart contract, vAtoms combine both the execution code and token into smart assets. In addition, vAtoms incorporate 3D models, animations, music and videos, and other interactive features to make it more pleasant and usable for the users. This allows vAtoms to be accessed on different platforms, such as mobile phones, smart TVs, and virtual reality & augmented reality platforms.
  3. vAtoms are developed by integrating several different programmable components. They act as a unique class of smart assets, which is determined by its template and its variations. Every template contains a set of rules that define the nature and functions of a smart assets. These templates become uneditable once their corresponding vAtom is published.
  4. Since, vAtoms can interact with users on various platform, vAtoms can present themselves and act differently depending on the platform or medium being used to access them. The condition and method for accessing each vAtom, is pre-defined in its template and template variations. These methods are called “Reactors”.

Anatomy of a vAtom

BLOCKv Platform Architecture

The BLOCKv platform is designed for the simplicity of creating and distributing virtual assets. The platform keeps most difficult aspects of blockchain development to itself and provides an easier environment to the developers. The entire BLOCKv platform is made up of several interconnected components. These components are:

    1. vAtom Core (vACore) is responsible for providing and running services that are needed for creating smart assets. These services include:
      1. Smart asset creation and their lifecycle management.
      2. Transaction service platform and billing engine.
      3. Providing analytical and auditing framework.
    2. vAtom Identity Management System (vAIMS) uses off-chain data for authorizing and authenticating users’ identities on the platform.
    3. vAtom Service Locator (vASL), vAtom State Management System (vASMS), vAtom Cycler’s Framework (vACF), and vAtom Code Hub (vAHub): These centralized components are used for distributing reactor and brains (always running threads, which compute vAtoms) and platform code to infrastructure stacks providers for computation. These infrastructure providers are called “Cyclers”. The platform redirects requests to this infrastructure stacks network, based on the analytical data. The cycler is paid if its result is accepted by vASMS.
  • Blockchain Abstractor & Hybrid Integration Engine (vAChain) is used to establish communication between centralized elements and off-chain technology stacks.
  • SDKs for the community


#3. How to buy and store VEE Token?

How to Buy VEE Token?

BLOCKv platform does not support VEE mining, since the total supply was determined at the time of token generation event. Developers can be rewarded in VEE token for completing various challenges launched time-to-time by the platform. Non developer individuals can obtain BLOCKv cryptocurrency through trading.

  1. VEE token is available for trading on various cryptocurrencies exchanges, such as Bittrex, OKEx, Tidex, Upbit, EtherDelta, etc. Most exchanges have paired VEE with Bitcoin and Ether.
  2. If purchasing VEE, users are advised to compare VEE rates on all exchange and for this, they can take help of CoinSwitch.
  3. CoinSwitch is the largest cryptocurrency trading platform. it allows users to exchange more than 300 cryptocurrencies. Users can not only compare VEE rates across all exchanges but can also trade at best available rate, and all this is possible at one place. Additionally, CoinSwitch also provides a secure wallet facility to store cryptocurrencies before and after exchange.

How to Store VEE Token?

VEE token is based on ERC-20 token model, so only Ethereum compatible wallets can be used to store VEE tokens. Some popular options are:

  • MyEtherWallet
  • MetaMask
  • Coinomi
  • imToken
  • Ledger Nano S
  • Trezor


#4 - What is the future of BLOCKv?

Trend So Far

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  1. As of July 2018, BLOCKv holds a market cap of over $38.4 million, which ranks it 182nd based on market capitalization in the global cryptocurrency market. There are total 3,646,271,241 VEE tokens out of which about 1,968,986,470 tokens are in circulation.
  2. In November 2017, BLOCKv went live for trading on the cryptocurrency market at an initial price of $0.018606. Since its launch, VEE price has been rather stable except for some occasional fluctuations due to market volatility.
  3. Like most cryptocurrencies, BLOCKv could not stay untouched from exponential price hikes in January 2018, which led its price to reach as high as $0.31. As of July 2018, The price is floating near $0.019.

Price Table







Market Cap

Jul 26, 2018







May 01, 2018







Mar 01, 2018







Jan 01, 2018







Nov 28, 2017







#5 - How is BLOCKv different from other cryptocurrencies?

  1. BLOCKv cannot be simply defined as a cryptocurrency platform, it is a complex blockchain based used interface protocol, which can facilitate creation and distribution of smart digital assets for profit.
  2. The purpose of VEE token is not limited to only allowing peer-to-peer transactions on the platform. Different entities use VEE token for different purposes in the BLOCKv ecosystem. The token uses can range from paying for services to incentivising developers in various competitions.
  3. The biggest different that BLOCKv has with other cryptocurrencies is its vAtom, which provide an interactive way for users to adopt blockchain technology. vAtoms can be linked to a virtual collectible good or to a real world product.


#6 - Should you invest in BLOCKv? 

VEE roadmap

  1. BLOCKv is trying to solve a lang issue associated with use of blockchain that is, its lack adoption by people, despite being a robust and advantageous technology. The BLOCKv platform features use cases that can easily understood by non technical people, which can result in an increased mainstream adoption of blockchain.
  2. BLOCKv is using an interactive layer in vAtoms, which can attract people towards the platform. Since, the platform is essentially trying to bridge the virtual world to real world, the effort could lead to the growth in token’s values with increased token use by the people.
  3. Based on its objective and use cases, the BLOCKv platform seems to have lot of potential for growth. Although the platform has been around in the market for a short time, its market performance has been relatively well. If the cryptocurrency can sustain its current growth rate, it could be a fruitful long-term investment.
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