What is Breakout Stake (BRX)?
Future of BRX Cryptocurrency and know how to buy BRX

#1 - Breakout Stake: The Basics

Breakout Stake is a part of the Breakout Coin company, which is a global multi-currency payment system that supports multiple currencies each with different properties. There are mainly three currency in the Breakout Coin system, Breakout Coin, Breakout Stake and Sister Coin. All the three coins have different properties and serve different purpose in the Breakout ecosystem.

What is Breakout Stake/ What is BRX?

  1. Breakout Stake is a subset of the Breakout Chain. The Breakout Chain is a global payment system that allows users to send money anywhere in the world, without any middlemen.
  2. Breakout Stake is the staking coin of the Breakout Chain. Every Breakout Stake owner can stake his coin in the Breakout Chain by depositing them in their Breakout wallet. By staking the coin, Breakout Stake holders earn rewards that are given to them in the form of Breakout coin.

BRX Development

  1. Breakout Chain is a payment service whereas BRX blockchain is used to register the payment. Breakout chain aims to use a Turing Complete smart contract system that is amenable to pegged sidechains, which will make it a fully scalable blockchain. The coin was launched in the year 2016.
  2. James Stroud is the lead developer who also holds a Ph.D. degree. He is also the co-founder of CryptoCertify, first company auditing the code and deployment of cryptocurrency applications.
  3. The Breakout Stake coin maximum supply cap is set at 6.268 million. This means that there will be never more than 6.268 million Breakout Stake coins. For reference, bitcoin’s maximum supply cap is 21 million.


#2 - What are the Benefits of BRX?

BRX Technology

  1. Like most other cryptocurrencies, Breakout Stake uses a decentralized ledger. This ledger is an unmonitored document wherein the earnings and the spendings of the users are recorded. It is not openly public, but can be deciphered with the help of the cryptographic hash. This cryptographic hash is generated using processes that, make it impossible for an intruder to modify the ledger.
  2. The hash used for the Sister Coin is SHA256-D algorithm. This is the most commonly used algorithms for all blockchains. The miner has to solve a block and the reward will be deposited in the wallet.
  3. Moreover, to enhance the security of the network, a hybrid Proof of Stake and Proof of Work mechanism is used. Proof-of-Stake(PoS) is done on the Breakout Stake coin and the Proof-of-Work(PoW) is done on Sister Coin.
  4. Breakout is one of the first blockchain systems where interest earning capacity is separated from the core tech. It also one of the first coin to use different coins for different mining systems.


  1. Multi-currencies: This concept was developed by James Stroud. In this type of blockchain, multiple currencies are recorded on a single chain. All these currencies have access to all the features such as multi-signature. Multi-signature means that a single key cannot authorize the transaction.
  2. Multicurrency Hybrid PoS/PoW: When a hybrid system of proofs is involved, the miner is paid according to the system that they are mining. The miner of the PoS system will be rewarded with currency A whereas the miner of the currency B will be rewarded with currency B.
  3. Fees Scavenging: In a traditional Proof-of-Stake(PoS) system the owners have rewarded the coins which makes the fees spent in a transaction useless. Since Breakout uses a hybrid PoS/PoW model, which means that the fees spent on a transaction are awarded to Proof-of-Work miners.
  4. Atomic Currencies: These currencies are those which cannot be divided beyond a whole number. These currencies can be utilized for services such as flyer miles.
  5. Delegated Fees: This feature was introduced to help with user-friendliness. When the user sends currency A, they can pay for the transaction in terms of currency B.
  6. Immalleable Transactions: Bitcoin has been a victim of malleability for a long time. The denial of service attacks and the MtGox are one example. Breakout Chain make the transaction immalleable by calculating the transaction ID from all transaction excluding the signatures and then making the spender to sign the transaction ID.


#3 - How to Buy and Store BRX?

How to buy BRX/ How to buy Breakout Stake?

To trade Breakout Stake, you need to own Bitcoin as a prerequisite since it is traded with that pairing only. Other options include, LiteBit.eu where you can buy the cryptocurrency using Euro Fiat.

If you want to trade in BTC pairings Breakout Stake you can use Bittrex. The 24 hour volume of the coin is at $600 dollar on the 8th of August so please be wary before placing a trade.

If you want an easier option you can use CoinSwitch. CoinSwitch is the largest cryptocurrency exchange where you can purchase your cryptocurrency BRX coins.

  1. CoinSwitch has more than 300+ tokens which can be used for trading, CoinSwitch also gives you the aggregate rate from multiple exchange allowing you to choose the best rates.
  2. The platform acts as one roof, under which any kind of cryptocurrency trade or exchange can take place. You can deposit the coin that you already own and purchase Breakout Stake. What’s more is that all the transaction happen from your private wallet, which means that all your transaction are safe.

BRX Storage

Breakout Stake can be stored in the software wallet and on the Raspberry Pi OS that is developed by the team. This wallet will contain the crypto coins which can be used for the transactions. You can use the wallets to stake your Breakout Stake coins. The software wallet is available on the following platforms.

  • Rasbian OS - Raspberry Pi
  • Windows
  • MacOS


#4 - What is the future of BRX?

  1. The eventual results that the team is expecting is the mass-adoption of BRX cryptocurrency by vendors across the world. The features indicate a positive future towards this aim.
  2. As of August 2018, the coin trades at about $0.34-$0.26, about 20% of its May 2018 value.
  3. The market capitalisation of BRX is $1.4 million as of 8th of August, 2018. The 24 hour volume of the coin is at $609, which is very low. Your orders might not get filled, so please be careful of that.

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#5 - How is BRX different from other cryptocurrencies?

BRX is a well-developed blockchain when looked at from a perspective of anonymity and security. There are unique features which make it different than others.

  1. One of the distinct features that not many cryptocurrencies have is its multi-currency mechanism. It gives freedom to the users to carry out transactions or even mining in the currency of their choice and get rewarded or pay the fees with a different currency.
  2. The system used the hybrid mechanism which involves the integration of the PoS and PoW protocols. This creates a secure environment for mining and the users.
  3. Other features like Atomic Currencies, immalleable transactions and fees scavenging makes it a very unique cryptocurrency in the market.


#6 - Should you Invest in Breakout Stake?

  1. Apart from being a decentralized blockchain, Breakout Stake has multiple innovative technologies that are incorporated to make it user-friendly and easy to adopt.
  2. Breakout Stake has other companions which are also a part of the Breakout Chain. These partner cryptocurrencies boost the credibility of the cryptocoin.
  3. The coin when initially launched made big hype and people were very excited to be a part of it. After the release the development slowed down and Breakout tried to do too many things at once. There have only been 5 commits on the GitHub source code.
  4. The coin is ranked 784 in the CoinMarketCap list sorted by market capitalization, which is down below the line considering the time it has spent in the market.
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