CampusCoin (CMPCO)

CampusCoin is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency that aims to be used by college students worldwide for instant transactions between peers at their schools. The CampusCoin Project aims to bring the benefits of crypto to college and university campuses.As a cryptocurrency, CampusCoin offers many advantages over conventional fiat money for members of the campus community: students, their parents, the school administration and, by extension, nearby retailers.

Taking the intrinsic elements of cryptocurrency combined with incorporating new technological advancements added by the CampusCoin team will add in simplifying and streamlining the most important ecosystem of education.These intrinsic elements include blockchain, peer-to-peer network, cryptography and consensus algorithm.These elements function together to secure and increase the speed of transaction.Othe features include increase anonymity, lower transaction fees, and irreversible transactions.These properties will be enhanced using the CampusCoin mobile app combined with unique technologies such as the Cryptocurrency Payment Network, the sub-ledger system, proof of location, and academically driven smart contracts.

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