What is DADI (DADI)?
Future of DADI Cryptocurrency and know how to buy DADI

#1 – What is DADI?

DADI: The Basics

  1. DADI stands for Decentralized Architecture for a Democratic Internet. It’s a cryptocurrency which aims to decentralize cloud computing and Web Services.
  2. It’s an enterprise-grade web services stack built on an architecture containing many different “micro-services”.
  3. It uses a decentralized, cost-effective cloud computing system organized by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, with no single authority holding the monopoly for computing resource distribution.

DADI Development

  1. The DADI team consists of 18 full-time members, with engineers, strategic team members and designers, boasting of over 300 years of experience put together.
  2. Joseph Denne, the founder and CEO, is an expert in multi-agent and blockchain tech, as well as a pioneer in big data and machine learning, with over 20 years of experience developing data and content platforms. The co-founder and key architect behind DADI’s decentralized business strategy, Chris Mair is no less qualified, being head of the strategy in Airlock and Diesel before DADI.
  3. The Technical Director James Lambie was previously Lead Developer for BBC Worldwide and Barclays Bank before that. He is responsible for DADI’s decentralized cloud and web services.
  4. Robert Belgrave, the Wirehive CEO, provides valuable guidance in cloud services as an advisor to the DADI project.


#2 – Dadi Benefits


  1. DADI exists on the Ethereum Blockchain and uses its own token, the DADI coin. It depends on two primary actors:
    1. Consumers, who will use DADI’s web services and will be charged for it, and
    2. Miners, who will be rewarded for providing their CPUs to the DADI network.
  2. Miners in this network are of three types:
    1. Stargates and Gateways, who contribute network bandwidth, acting as the network’s entry point and providing a domain name for Host resources, and
    2. Hosts, who contribute computational power to the network. They also receive most of the fees within the network.
  3. A percentage of the Host’s income will go to the Gateways, while a smaller percentage will be retained to support the network’s connectivity. A portion of DADI tokens are also to be burnt to control inflation.

DADI Use Cases

  1. DADI is being used to track activity and enrich user profiles on the network.
  2. It also supports targeted messaging like emails and push notifications.
  3. DADI also has a web service which facilitates content manipulation and distribution including access to images, audio and video across various devices.


#3 – How to buy and store DADI?

How to buy DADI

In spite of being a very new cryptocurrency, DADI is already available for exchange on 8 platforms. The exchanges include OKEx, IDEX, Cobinhood, Coinfalcon, Gate.io, HitBTC, KuCoin and ForkDelta.

You can mostly trade Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether for a DADI token, but HitBTC even has a fiat currency option available, where you can buy DADI with US dollars.

  1. The exchanges mentioned above are platforms on which you can buy or sell DADI, but it often has minor differences in cost in different exchanges. CoinSwitch will actively help you decide which exchange to choose by showing you the prices of DADI coins at the crypto exchanges it is sold in, all at the same place. It supports more than 140 coins and 45,000 pairs of cryptocurrencies. You can choose whichever pair you want with the DADI coin, and CoinSwitch will facilitate the comparison at different exchanges.
  2. With CoinSwitch, the largest cryptocurrency conversion platform, you need not create or rely on the wallets specific to the exchanges. Instead, all transactions can happen to and from your very own private wallets, the benefits of which we’ve spoken about here earlier.

DADI Storage

  1. DADI is on the Ethereum blockchain, so any wallet that supports Ethereum would be compatible with storing DADI tokens. This also means that no DADI mining is supported.
  2. A hardware DADI wallet will be the most secure, and Ledger Nano S as well as Trezor work for Ethereum, and so by default, for DADI.
  3. Exodus and Mist are desktop wallets which support the Ethereum blockchain, compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.
  4. Jaxx is a versatile wallet, compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux desktops, iOS and Android smartphones, and Chrome and Firefox web extensions.
  5. MyEtherWallet is its most popular Web wallet, and ETHAdress is one of the paper wallets.


#4 – What is the future of DADI?

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Market Cap and Global Acceptance

  1. 77.6 million DADI tokens are in circulation as of June 2018, of which 65 million were sold in the initial ICO which took place on 29th January 2018. The total supply of DADI is only 100 million, much less than that of many others.
  2. The distribution of DADI’s supply is as below:
    1. 60% goes to investors
    2. 10% goes to DADI’s partners
    3. 20% is reserved for DADI’s founding team
    4. 2.5% is the Ecosystem fund
    5. 2.5% goes to DADI + ops, and
    6. the remaining 5% is reserved for DADI’s referral program.
  3. The market cap of DADI stands at only 10 million USD as of June 2018, with an individual price of around 0.12 USD.

Price History







Market Cap

Jun 23, 2018







Jun 01, 2018







May 01, 2018







Apr 01, 2018







Mar 01, 2018







Feb 20, 2018







Trends so far

  1. DADI is one of the newest cryptocurrencies in the market, and predicting or even analyzing trends of such a new crypto is never an easy task. Its initial value at the time of its launch in February 2018 was $ 0.45 (its maximum price till date), though it sold in the ICO at 0.5 USD a token. Its price reduced after its release, and is currently at its minimum value yet, of $ 0.12 (as of June 2018).
  2. Looking at its low circulating supply of 77.6 million coupled with its individual price standing at only $ 0.12, it’s really not that surprising that DADI ranks 413rd globally in terms of market cap.
  3. Of course, the fact that it ranks low right now doesn’t diminish its potential. In fact, for a currency so new, such a rank is but natural. The future it promises in cloud computing as well as its dreams of competing with cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud by saving lots of money makes it a cryptocurrency to be reckoned with in the future.


#5 – What makes DADI different from other cryptocurrencies?

  1. What makes DADI a promising cryptocurrency is its goal of decentralizing cloud computing and web services.
  2. Like many other cryptocurrencies, DADI also aims to take up one centralized, company-based service and decentralize it using blockchain, but it’s the only one aiming at web services.
  3. It has lofty goals and aims to compete with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, and it may succeed because of its highly reduced costs. In fact, the website claims that DADI’s running costs will be as much as 90% less than its centralized counterparts.


#6 – Should you invest in DADI?

  1. One can’t predict the trends and future of such a new cryptocurrency, nor can we really say whether it’ll appreciate or depreciate in value.
  2. However, what can be said is that its goals look extremely promising, and a decentralized cloud and web service platform will definitely benefit a lot of us, especially if their claims of a 90% reduction in cost are true.
  3. It has a long way to go, of course, but its low current value makes it an attractive opportunity to grab. Also, it’s pretty likely that it’ll appreciate in value rather than depreciate, because a web services platform not owned, controlled and regulated by a single entity certainly has great potential.
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