Einsteinium (EMC2)

Einsteinium is based and designed on blockchain technology with the idea of making collecting funds easier and much simpler, focusing on scientific and technological development. Just like some digital coins are created for funding art and artists or are prepared to promote original content and collect funds and organize crowdfunding for different purposes.

Einsteinium is based in Canada, Montreal where it was launched back in 2014, but Einsteinium didn’t get to see much action till after three years later in 2017 when this digital coin began to experience an increase in value and price. EMC2 became the first research-based ecosystem in the community of crypto values and systems, making it one of the coins with hidden potential for investments and direct operations and utilization that can be done with digital currencies. The existence of Einsteinium consequently conditioned the development of Einsteinium foundation, having this platform focused on charitable and crowdfunding donations that are meant for funding different technological and scientific researching.

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