Gambit (GAM)

The Gambit Coin is a cryptocurrency explicitly developed for the trading community.The members of the Gambit Private Trading Group trade with other Coins and buy new Gambit Coins from the profit, which are then destroyed. It is, therefore, a deflationary cryptocurrency. Gambit is also building a range of trading tools and services to make trading easier and more profitable.

Gambit Coin is used exclusively as a utility coin for access to the various Gambit products and services. Over the years, the Gambit community has developed, financed and acquired many assets.Part of the profit generated from these streams is sent to the stock exchanges and used as liquidity on the Gambit coin markets or used to develop new gambit trading tools, indicators, signals, and bots.The coins acquired from the revenue-generating streams are permanently destroyed. This means that they will be permanently removed from the total supply. The coins are verifiably destroyed by sending them to a black hole address and are therefore no longer accessible.

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