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Hcash and Hshare Since it takes time to implement Hcash code and feature development, after the end of the ICO all investors will get Hshare which is based on current mature UTXO blockchain as a token first. After the Hcash main line is on the line, you can redeem any Hshare exchange or Hcash official team with Hcash on any on-line Hshare exchange. And after about 10 months to complete all the acceptance and replacement. The Hcash team will use technical means to destroy all Hshare. All Hshare will be permanently destroyed after the deadline. Hshare's open source code Under Hcash's GitHub page, everyone can read and review the source code for Hshare and confirm that the total number of Hsahre releases is the same as the Hcash number specified in the Hcash white paper.


Haven. Limited Token Supply Hcash has a finite supply of tokens. The supply closes to 84 million, and will be separated into six channels: • 21 million (25%) will be created by PoW; • 21 million (25%) will be created by PoS; • ICO and free distribution will account for 21 million (25%); • Pre-ICO investors will hold 12.6 million (15%); • 4.2 million (5%) will belong to the development team & Hcash fund, • 4.2 million (5%) will be allocated to Hcash-DAO.


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