What is Kore (KORE)?
Future of KORE Cryptocurrency and know how to buy KORE

#1 - What is Kore?

Kore: The Basics

  1. Kore Coin is a decentralized blockchain known for its complete anonymity from the Kore Projects team. It is one of the many decentralized systems we have today for recording transactions which has gained a good reputation. However, the value of its technology is may not be very groundbreaking on closer inspection.
  2. Kore Coin is a digital wallet. The idea of this cryptocurrency wallet came into existence in the earlier months of 2017. The goal was to release the wallet for public use in the month of October. However, it was released later in the month of December.
  3. The technology is run based on the Ether Kripton OS - which is promoted as secure environment developed by the Kore team to ensure that users are able to buy and sell their Kore coin without the risk of loss.


#2 - What are the Benefits of Kore?

Kore Development

  1. The Kore development team has successfully integrated the Tor browser with its digital cryptocurrency wallet. Some of its other services include internet browsing, marketplace, communications, and transactions.
  2. Kore is also all set to launch the KorePhone - a phone that connects to the Kore blockchain. There are no other companies in the world of technology that have launched a phone with an integrated blockchain wallet yet.
  3. KORE has developed an operating system that will allow its users to make anonymous calls.

Kore Technology

  1. Kore run on a relatively new operating system developed by its own team. Ether Kripton OS is a well-designed system which the Kore team claims is completely secure.
  2. Ether Kripton intends to make transaction easy and fast, and also offers services such as anonymous browsing using its integrations TOR web browser.
  3. Ether Kripton OS was first designed for the KorePhone. Later, the code was modified in such a way that it could run on any hardware - such as a desktop, smartwatch or a tablet.
  4. Technical details on Ether Kripton OS’ architecture are hard to come by because of a lack of an official whitepaper from the Kore team.


  1. KoreVoIP: The Kore team has developed KoreVoIP so that Kore users can make anonymous calls through any network that they may be connected to. There will be no third party applications involved for any sort of interception potential. Moreover, the calls made will be untraceable, making communication secure.
  2. KoreBay: This feature introduces the user to a marketplace where they can barter goods or buy them using conventional means. The USP here is that the barter will be completely anonymous. The buyer and seller will not have to worry about their identity being revealed at any point.
  3. Firesurf: This is Kore’s very own browser. Here, the user is provided additional security during browsing. There is a layer of anonymity added to keep the identity of the user’s system private. There is an integrated wallet named as Kore Wallet. Firesurf is a part of Kore Wallet.


#3 - How to Buy and Store Kore?

How to buy Kore / How to buy KORE

  1. Kore coins can be bought on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. The most common exchanges include Bittrex and UPBit.
  2. But CoinSwitch, the largest cryptocurrency conversion platform, is the most flexible option which can come in handy when it comes to exchanging cryptocurrencies.
  3. There are around 45,000 pairs of cryptocurrency that are supported by CoinSwitch. On this platform, you can see all the available exchange options and then choose from 300+ tokens that are available for the users. It is one of the largest cryptocurrency conversion platforms.

Kore Storage

Kore can be stored using a very simple method. There is an integrated wallet which comes with the operating system. This wallet is known as Kore Wallet. The wallet uses a very simple program which can be run on a desktop, laptop or tablets. The program can be run on the following operating systems.

  • Android or iOS
  • Windows
  • MacOS


#4 - What is the future of Kore?

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  1. Since the inception of the Kore cryptocurrency, the company has seen many ups and downs. The technology used by Kore Coin is unique. It provides a secure platform for the transactions. User anonymity is maintained as well.
  2. Kore has continued to see a consistent decline in its value over the past year - going form over $7 in October 2017 to $1.6 as of July 2018. That’s a loss of nearly 80% for its investors.
  3. A recovery could be on the cards, but even that will only be partial, with analysts claiming that the value of the coin will could rise to $3.57 in the near future.

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Market Cap

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Oct 01, 2017








#5 - How is Kore different from other cryptocurrencies?

There are some unique features which make Kore different from its contemporaries:

  1. The privacy awarded by the software is its primary USP. Kore claims to provide complete anonymity over the internet for the transactions of cryptocurrencies.
  2. Apart from anonymity and privacy, it also offers add-ons to its users, such as safe internet browsing and untraceable calls.
  3. It is completely decentralized. There is no need for the users to worry about the host of the ledger. There can be no alterations made in the record by any means.
  4. With the KorePhone, Kore is also standing out amongst the other cryptocurrencies by integrating with mainstream technology such as smartphones.


#6 - Should you invest in Kore?

  1. Kore has not been very popular amongst the investors as compared to other cryptocurrencies. This is mainly because there have been no positive changes in the value of the currency.
  2. Apart from the anonymity and the secure platform established by Kore Coin, there are many different services provided by the OS. It gives added benefit to the user by providing a TOR integrated web browser, connection to any kind of network for untraceable calls and a secure marketplace for the trading of goods.
  3. The developers’ team has been working regularly on improved features. But despite that, the team lacks a whitepaper - which means users are going to be kept in the dark about upcoming updates and improvements that may be planned. A lack of a whitepaper is typically a red flag.
  4. Additionally, its USP of privacy of anonymity is one that is being championed by its rivals in a bigger fan - for example, Monero or Zcash.
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