What is Mainframe (MFT)?
Future of MFT Cryptocurrency and know how to buy MFT

#1 - What is Mainframe?

Mainframe (MFT): The Basics

  1. Mainframe is a decentralized communication platform that intends to leverage blockchain and several other encryption-based technologies in order to provide a censorship & surveillance resistant communication protocol to enhance the privacy of its users.
  2. In addition to a communication platform, Mainframe is also a blockchain protocol that provides dApps (decentralized applications) development kits. These kits aim to facilitate an easier integration of its messaging protocol with a range of programming languages, devices and operating systems.
  3. The Mainframe platform relies on a network of nodes to relay & route data packets across the network. The nodes are incentivised in Mainframe tokens, which is the native cryptocurrency of the Mainframe platform. The Mainframe token is recognised by the symbol “MFT”.

Mainframe Development

  1. Mainframe was founded by Mick Hagen who also serves as CEO in the company. The entire project is managed and developed by a team of 15 individuals including Mick and CTO, Carl Youngblood.
  2. Back in 2007, Mick founded Zinch, a company that helped highschool students in connecting to the colleges in order to find scholarships. The company was later acquired by Chegg, Inc. in a $45 million deal.
  3. In 2014, Mick started working on a decentralized email app called Spatch. During the development work, Mick and development faced many technological challenges which occasionally lead to the creation of Mainframe.
  4. Mainframe minted a total supply of 10 billion MFT tokens. 50% of the total token supply has been reserved for the token sale. Instead of a traditional ICO (initial coin offering), the company has opted for a three phase crowdgift process. As of august 2018, two phases of the crowdgift process have already been completed.


#2 - What are the Benefits of Mainframe?

Mainframe Technology

  1. Mainframe Network & Nodes:On a basic level, Mainframe uses Kademlia (a distributed hash table) for its peer-to-peer network of nodes in order to facilitate the blockchain transactions. To mitigate the traceability of the nodes, the network layer separates itself from the traceable Internet transport layer and assigns random addresses to every node across the network. Additionally, Mainframe provides various other protocols to further enhance the security of communications and network itself.

Mainframe Node conceptual diagram

The Mainframe network also relies on the cooperation of incentivized nodes to provide several peer-to-peer services. Each node in the network inherits peer-to-peer based service interfaces that can be called on by applications. These interfaces include, but are limited to blockchain transactions, data storage, packet routing, packet holding and other data-based services.

  1. Encryption: The Mainframe network has different protocols to provide different encryption methods (one-to-one and one-to-many), based on the number of intended recipient nodes. Each node in the Mainframe network possess a pair of asymmetric keys, which are needed to decrypt the data packet received by the intended node.
  2. A person or entity will need to obtain the public or shared encryption key from the intended recipient node in order to encrypt and send a data packet. The keys are obtained off-chain, either by consulting a contact directory or in a direct exchange between the involved parties.
  3. Sending a data packet to multiple nodes happens through a Multicast Mode. The Mainframe network has protocols for a shared key system for a one-time encrypti on of a multicast data packet. This means, instead of sending multiple copies of a data packet, sender only needs to a single packet to all intended recipients.
  4. Dark Routing: In rder to prevent malicious entities from snooping on communications and other informations, Mainframe uses the PSS Protocol to deploy Dark Routing. Dark routing mode secures information by routing a data packet through all the nodes that have similar addresses, to a partially disclosed address of the recipient node. This makes it harder to trace the exact intended recipient node.
  5. Nodes can manually configure the level of disclosed address, although a low level disclosure is always recommended. This can also be done by using the algorithms provided by the Mainframe protocol. The algorithms recommends level of address disclosure by analysing the privacy requirements and present network conditions
  6. Unhosted Architecture:The two key standout features of the Mainframe network are that it is “distributed” and “decentralized”. A distributed network means that anyone can join and leave the network at any time without any restrictions. The decentralized nature of the Mainframe networks ensures that there’s no central authority controlling the network. This helps in protecting the network against attackers and with growth of the network, the mainframe can rote data through more nodes, which further increases the security of communications.
  7. Interoperability: The Mainframe protocol is designed to derive interoperability between different platforms and mediums. With the help of SDKs provided by the platform, the Mainframe protocol can be integrated with relative ease into a major operating system and with popular programming languages. Additionally, the platform intends to provide smart contracts and oracle to facilitate communications with other blockchains, such as Ethereum, NEO, RSK and Tezos.


#3 - How to Purchase and Store Mainframe Token?

How to Purchase Mainframe Token/ MFT Tokens?

Mainframe created its entire supply of the MFT tokens at the time of its inception, which means Mainframe tokens cannot be obtained via MFT mining. Users can aquire MFT through trading on a cryptocurrency exchange.

  1. Mainframe cryptocurrency can be obtained by exchanging cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Binance Coin, and Bancor. The Mainframe token is available for trading on Binance, Bancor Network, Upbit, IDEX, Bittrex, and come other cryptocurrency exchanges.
  2. If buying Mainframe tokens, users can take advantage of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform – CoinSwitch. It allows users to trade more than 350 cryptocurrencies with over 45000 possible trading pairs. Users also have access to live price and performance charts of cryptocurrencies. Users can compare MFT rates and trade across all available exchanges and all of this is possible without leaving the CoinSwitch.

How to Store Mainframe Token/ MFT Tokens?

As of August 2018, the Mainframe platform doesn’t provide an official wallet to store Mainframe tokens. Since MFT is an Ethereum based token, it can be stored using an ERC-20 compatible wallets. Some popular third-party wallet options are:

  • MyEtherWallet
  • Metamask
  • Mist
  • Coinomi
  • Ledger Nano S
  • Trezor


# 4 - What is the Future of Mainframe?

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  1. As of August 25, 2018, based on its market cap of over $14.9 million, Mainframe token is the 264th largest cryptocurrency in the global cryptocurrency market. The total supply of tokes is capped at 10 billion MFT tokens, including about 2,542,862,213 MFT tokens circulating in the market.
  2. MFT launched for trading in the crypto market on July 05, 2018, at an initial price of $0.020993. So far, the cryptocurrency has been highly volatile in the cryptocurrency market. As of August 25, 2018, MFT price is floating around $0.0059.

Price (USD) History







Market Cap

Aug 24, 2018







Aug 19, 2018







Aug 10, 2018







Aug 01, 2018







Jul 23, 2018







Jul 14, 2018







Jul 05, 2018








#5 - How is Mainframe Different from Other Cryptocurrencies?

  1. Unlike Bitcoin and other P2P payments oriented cryptocurrency platforms, Mainframe is not aiming to replace the current payment systems. The Mainframe protocol is primarily focused on providing a secure and censorship resistant platform for communications.
  2. The Mainframe platform deploys several unique protocols, such as encryption techniques and Dark routing mode in order to enhance the security and privacy of the users and their informations while facilitating the seamless exchange of data.
  3. Mainframe platform featured an incentivized economics, which ensure that nodes are motivated by rewards in order to cooperate and help keep the running the network. The incentivized services include:
    1. Incentivized packet routing
    2. Incentivized packet delivery
    3. Incentivized packet holding
    4. Incentivized file storage


#6 - Should you Invest in Mainframe?

  1. Mainframe protocol seems to fulfill an increasing demand of censorship and surveillance resistant messaging and communication platform. The platform could possess a value for those who take their online privacy seriously but a fact that can't be ignored is that there is still a large number of people who are unaware or simply do no not care about the privacy issues.
  2. Another issue lies with the use of token itself because there are many free and open source platforms providing similar services such as Signal and telegram. People with no or little knowledge of cryptocurrencies are more likely to prefer traditional platforms.
  3. The platforms benefit from a skilled leadership and development team. The founder and CEO, Mick Hagen has been involved in the communication industry for several years and has previously established a successful company. The development team has already released its first app that is built on the Mainframe protocol, which provides a use case for the token.
  4. As a platform for presenting a solution a major problem faced by individuals and large organisations alike, Mainframe has attracted considerable attention from various entities who are backing the project. However, the platform is still in its early stages of development and considering the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, it is difficult to pass a judgement on the seemingly bright future of the project.
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