What is Neutron (NTRN)?
Future of NTRN Cryptocurrency and know how to buy NTRN

#1 - What is Neutron (NTRN)?

Neutron is a unique concept designed to bring awareness about cryptocurrency among the masses, and propagate the usage of cryptocurrency owing to its advantages.

Neutron: The Basics

  1. Neutron is a decentralized blockchain, which features Proof of Stake and a Nucleus Node System. This means that there is no host, and the holder of the cryptocurrency has the power to mine coins.
  2. Neutron was created with a vision of educating the masses on digital technology in the form of a cryptocurrency. It was launched in 2015, and has made claims about about massive advancements in the near future.
  3. When the currency was first launched in 2015, there were a number of issues that it went through. However, over a period of time, the team kept changing and Neutron is now in the community stage from its earlier developing stage.


#2 - What are the Benefits of Neutron?

Neutron Development

  1. Neutron coin was launched on January 11, 2016. There are imminent figures such as Thomas Dowdy, Roderick Spectre, and Eron Villareal who are leading the company. These people have expertise and experience in different fields such as web development, business strategies, wallet and blockchain development.
  2. The team of Neutron consists of 11 members. These members are distributed among different departments and a few are involved with marketing and consulting.
  3. The Neutron blockchain was developed with a notion to educate people by taking very less fees. Apart from that, there are different services provided by the system.

Neutron Technology

  1. Neutron works on one primary algorithm, which is the SHA256d. This is the same algorithm that powers the Bitcoin blockchain. Miners solve cryptographic problems (or more accurately, generate hashes meeting a certain criteria), which allows them to solve a block and then upload it to the blockchain. Another block follows and the process will be repeated.
  2. The algorithm enhances the security of the blockchain and holders are given the ability to mine more easily.
  3. The block time for Neutron is 79 seconds. While the technical implementations and other details have not been elaborated upon in the whitepaper, the Neutron cryptocurrency is known for offering daily rewards to its users.
  4. The Neutron Cryptocurrency has three main services - namely money transfer, transactions and banking.


  1. Instant Money Transfer: A Neutron coin can be transferred from one wallet to the other in a matter of seconds.
  2. Automatic Payments: The Neutron Coin claims to offer a 60% return on investment to its masternodes. Unlike others, you do not have to mine the coins after maturity. You just have to let them stay in the wallet and, the payments will be automatically made.
  3. Lowest Transaction Fees: Neutron offers different features like - crypto space, marketplace, and bank transactions. The advantage of using Neutron coin is that it will charge you the lowest fees for the services, unlike other coins.
  4. Educational Platform: The primary aim of Neutron involves educating people about cryptocurrencies. There have been plenty of discussions on the risks related to cryptocurrencies and about cryptocurrencies not being an ideal solution to the our financial sectors. Neutron has taken it upon itself to respond and fix such discussions.
  5. Pension and Retirement funds: This feature of Neutron is aimed to assist the teachers of the program to earn a sufficient pension, which is generally not offered in other courses. The pension will be deposited in their Neutron wallet. On this pension, a certain interest will be earned as well.


#3 - How to Buy and Store Neutron?

How to buy Neutron/ How to buy NTRN

Neutron coins can be purchased via only two exchanges as of July 2018 - Cryptopia, CryptoBridge. It is widely paired though - with transactions possible using Bitcoin, Litecoin and even Dogecoin.

It is however, easier to use CoinSwitch, the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform, to complete your Neutron transactions.

Neutron Storage

There is an official Neutron Wallet developed by its organisation, that can be used for multiple purposes. Of course you can store your coins and transfer them from one wallet to the other. But you can also use it for bank transactions and mine Neutron coins right from the wallet. It is available on:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Ubuntu


#4 - What is the future of Neutron?

  1. Neutron appears to be determined to make a difference in the way financial transactions happen across the world. It was envisioned to create a safe and a secure environment by tackling all the odds in the way.
  2. As on August 2018, Neutron coin was valued at $0.0334. It is predicted that the value of the coin will reach $0.178 in 2019.

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#5 - How is Neutron different from other cryptocurrencies?

Neutron is one of the best software when looked at from a perspective of anonymity and security. There are unique features which make it different from others.

  1. Neutron coin was launched with an ambition to educate the people. It can be used to register for further studies and enroll in different courses which are designed to cater the needs and intellect of an individual.
  2. It also has launched an e-commerce website of its own. This e-commerce website is used to sell basic products such as bads, t-shirts and other day-to-day accessories.
  3. In the near future, the company is to offer services like Crypto Career and Crypto Degree. The cryptocurrency has also planned to launch an e-library for the owners of the coin. This Crypto Library will contain the best content that is available over the internet. The content can be accessed for free by Neutron owners.


#6 - Should you Invest in Neutron coin?

  1. There is significant buzz around questions such as whether users should invest in Neutron or look for other cryptocurrencies.
  2. As of now, the value of the coin is low. However, it is considered to be in the Goldilocks zone. This means the investors and analysts predict a very prominent growth of the coin in near future. It would be a wise decision for an investor or a cryptocurrency enthusiast to invest in Neutron coin.
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