What is Nexium (NXC)?
Future of NXC Cryptocurrency and know how to buy NXC

#1 - Nexium: The Basics

What is Nexium?

Beyond the void is a company that has developed a unique Multiplayer Online Battle Area that is driven by Blockchain technology. Nexium (NXC) is the token created for this gaming platform, which can be used to buy, sell or exchange in-game items in the game’s shop.

Nexium Development

  1. Developments on this family-operated venture began in 2015. The first milestone, according to the team, was in February 2017, when a beta version of the game was released to its backers for testing it and for fixing issues.
  2. The second milestone was reached in March 2017 when more content was added to the game and the beta version was released to the public.
  3. In June of the same year, the official game was released to the public. Subsequently, in November 2017, the Nexium ICO was launched. According to the team, the ICO was a huge success- raising over 110,000 Euros in a mere 12 minutes!
  4. Core team members include:
    1. Eric Burgel- CEO and blockchain expert
    2. Maxence Burgel- creator of Beyond the Void, concept artist, and lead developer
    3. Remi Burgel- game designer and Ethereum smart contract developer
    4. Manon Burgel- project communication and marketing incharge
    5. An extensive list of freelance workers working as developers, illustrators, music composers, programmers, etc.


#2 - What are the benefits of Nexium?

Nexium Technology

  1. The technology involved in this project seeks to combine real time online multiplayer gaming with the blockchain economy. The Nexium ICO was the world’s first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) ICO.
  2. Without a whitepaper, it can get difficult to ascertain the technical architecture and roadmap of the platform. But the Nexium team already has a working product to shed some light on its flow.
  3. Beyond the Void, the game in question, is a real time strategy game in which the user has to “command his/her mothership through an epic battle in space” in order to “defeat the enemy opponent”.
  4. The idea is to steadily burn NXC over time, thus making it increasingly scarce as the player base grows, ultimately increasing the value of the token.
  5. As a backer of this project, you are entitled to earn Nexium tokens according to your rank in the game. In other words, your level of support dictates the number of tokens you can recieve. For example, the rank of ‘Ship Pilot’ gives you 1000 NXC, while the rank of ‘Army General’ gives you 50,000 NXC. In addition to this, as level up in the game, you get rewarded with bonus tokens and other extras, as well.
  6. On earning NXC tokens, you can exchange them for in-game items such as different skins for your ship, avatars, in-game titles, as well as boosters.
  7. The project adopts the concept of “true-ownership”; the gamer is the true owner of his or her assets, and can choose to buy, sell, trade or destroy them. These assets are stored on the blockchain, not on the company’s servers.


#3 - How to buy and store NXC?

How to buy NXC?

  1. Playing Beyond the Void gives you a chance to earn NXC tokens. The greater your support for the game and the higher your “rank”, the more tokens you earn.
  2. On the other hand, if you are looking to find the easy way out, you can always buy them directly on major exchanges like HitBTC, Bittrex, Openledger, ForkDelta, etc.
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  4. CoinSwitch allows trading more than 300 cryptocurrencies with over 45000 pairings. Users can compare NXC rates and trade across all available leading exchanges at one place. It also allows users to track cryptocurrencies performance with live price charts from multiple exchanges.

How to store Nexium?

  1. As Nexium is an ERC-20 compliant token operating on the Ethereum Blockchain, it can be stored on any Ethereum-compatible digital wallet. Popular choices include MyEtherWallet and Mist.
  2. Hardware wallets - such as those from Ledger and Trezor, will also perfectly as storage options for Nexium.


#4 – What is the future of Nexium?

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  1. As of July 2018, you can purchase a single NXC token for $0.031708. The market cap is $2.1 million and the total circulating supply is 66,520,584 NXC as of the same time.
  2. The Nexium token has been somewhat of an underperformer since its inception. Price predictions don’t present a very bright future for this token; the price in 2025 is projected to be around $0.0896, which is a negligible change when compared to its July 2018 price.
  3. The cryptocurrency is a fairly young one however, so an analysis of the short time it’s been on the market may not be entirely fair.

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Market Cap

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#5 - How is Nexium different from other cryptocurrencies?

  1. Nexium tokens cannot be mined. Out of the 100 million NXC were initially created, 15 million were distributed among the founders and developers, another 15 were set aside for marketing and communications. The remaining 70 million NXC were put for sale during the November 2016 ICO.
  2. The NXC tokens that remained unsold after the public crowdsale were destroyed, leaving behind 66,521,587 NXC.
  3. Nexium tokens can be redeemed for in-game items in other games, as well.
  4. The focus is clearly on being a gaming cryptocurrency and not one that wishes to reorganise our financial systems.


#6 - Should you invest in Nexium?

  1. If you are a gaming fanatic who doesn’t mind playing online games for hours with hopes of earning a couple of tokens, a Nexium investment might be just the thing for you.
  2. But from a broader market perspective, the coin faces competition from many other gaming focused cryptocurrencies - such as RevolutionVR. Both it and Nexium itself lack whitepapers - which may put some investors off.
  3. With a lackluster showing in its pricing between 2017 and 2018, its future can remain uncertain.
  4. Despite this, the gaming industry in general, continues to grow at an astonishing pace, and if Nexium were to successfully capitalise on a very small part of this growth, that alone could fuel the coin’s upward trajectory and make it a cryptocurrency to be reckoned with, both in terms of adoption and pricing.
  5. With the cryptocurrency being a relatively young one, a price analysis may not reveal too much. A high level perspective of the industry and the problem it is solving however, yield hopefully conclusions.
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