What is Nuls (NULS)?
Future of NULS Cryptocurrency and know how to buy NULS

#1. What is Nuls?

Nuls (NULS): The basics

  1. Nuls is an open-source, community-driven public blockchain platform. It has a modular based architecture with different modules that include, but is not limited to, smart contracts, the multichain system, cross-chain consensus.
  2. These modules are able to run with the private blockchains and can be customized to meet different industrial goals. The Nuls project is managed by Singapore based company NULS Foundation Pte. Ltd.

Nuls Development

  1. The NULS Foundation Pte. Ltd was founded in 2017 by Lin Yang with co-founder Lily Wang.
  2. Lin has 8 years of programming experience, having demonstrated his skills with Java, Scala, Golang, and PHP.
  3. In July 2018, Liesa Huang joined the NULS Foundation as its new CEO.


#2. What are the benefits of Nuls?

Nuls Technology

  1. The Nuls platform is divided into two parts: the microkernel and the functional modules. Microkernel serves as the base of the entire network, while functional modules provide customisable modular infrastructure. Nuls wishes to fill the gap between public and private blockchains by allowing users to create and modify pluggable sub-chains in accordance with their needs.
  2. The platform is designed keeping simplicity of implementation in mind. Developers will be able to use the main-chain as a base with several customizable modules. This will give developers the liberty of choosing their own rules for module customization and build projects as per their skills.
  3. Proof-of-Credit Consensus Mechanism: The Nuls blockchain uses a Proof-of-Credit (PoC) protocol, designed by the Nuls development team. Nuls claims it to be a first of its kind consensus. The platform provides support for the replacement of core modules and integration of new functional modules into the consensus. Proof-of-Credit works similar to the Proof-of-Stake consensus, which means users will be required to lock their NULS tokens in order to participate in the network for NULS mining.
  4. NULS Smart Contract: Nuls has integrated a smart contract virtual machine (NULSVM) into its blockchain. The virtual machine lies between internal infrastructure modules and external service modules. Nuls smart contracts are implemented by various high-level applications and computed by the NULSVM. The smart contracts are designed to be adaptable to different programming languages, allowing developers to develop a program in desired languages.

Technological Features of Nuls Blockchain

  1. Sub-chain Consensus: Nuls serves as a base structure for all the sub-chains that are built on it. It provides all neccessary tools as modules for the developers to customise their sub-chains with their own consensus rules and token.
  2. Modular Architecture: Nuls is designed to easily adapt to the continuous advancements in blockchain technology. It integrates the Linux kernel, which provides required flexibility to the blockchain due to its modular nature. This will allow all latest blockchain improvements to be implemented with relative ease.
  3. Module Manager: The Nuls module manager facilitates actions by establishing communication among all modules. It is responsible for managing, loading and unloading modules, as required by the blockchain.
  4. Multi-chain System: Nuls verifies various blocks in the blockchain by using cross-chain consensus, which is possible due to the Nuls’ ability to move through the main-chain and the sub-chains.


#3. How to buy and store NULS Token?

How to Buy NULS?

Every year 5 million NULS are to be created via NULS mining as rewards to the miners for their participation in the security and maintenance of the network. Other than mining, users can obtain NULS token through trading on a cryptocurrency exchange.

  1. NULS is available for trading on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, Kucoin, OKEx, QBTC, and some others. On most exchanges, Bitcoin, Ether, and Tether are the popular pairing choices.
  2. Comparing NULS rates on multiple exchanges can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Instead, users should take advantage of the services provided by the largest cryptocurrency trading platform — CoinSwitch.
  3. At CoinSwitch, users have access to the entire cryptocurrency market at one place. Users can compare rates and trade more than 300 cryptocurrencies across all leading exchanges. In addition, CoinSwitch also provides a secure wallet facility to its users for storing their before & after-exchange cryptocurrencies.

How to Store NULS?

As of July 2018, NULS existed as an ERC20 token. With the launch of NULS mainnet, the project has been ported to its own blockchain. Nuls development team provides official NULS wallet to store NULS. The wallet is available on desktop platforms, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. The Mobile wallet and the web wallet are still in development.


#4. What is the future of NULS?

Trend So Far

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  1. As of July 2018, with its market capitalisation of over $88.5 million USD, NULS has placed itself on 99th position on the global cryptocurrency market. Currently, there are 40 million NULS tokens in circulation.
  2. On October 25, 2017, NULS went live for trading on the global cryptocurrency with an initial price of $0.098 USD. After its launch, NULS exhibited a fast price growth, reaching its all-time of $8.14 USD in January 2018.
  3. Since the all-time high, NULS has been highly volatile in the market and has gone as low as $1.49 USD. As of July 2018, its price is trending near $2.2 USD.

Price History







Market Cap

Jul 02, 2018







Apr 01, 2018







Mar 01, 2018







Jan 01, 2018







Oct 25, 2017







*Note: All prices are in USD

Future Trends

In a short amount of time, NULS has shown its growth potential. Market analysts suggest that NULS could be a long-term profitable investment. According to predictions, Its price could be increased by 382.47% in five years. However, keeping the volatility in mind that cryptocurrencies have demonstrated over time, these predictions are likely to be changed in future.


#5. How is NULS different from other cryptocurrencies?

  1. As opposed to most cryptocurrencies that serve only as a medium of peer-to-peer transactions, NULS is an important part of NULS infrastructure. It is used to raise the necessary funds for the platform and to allow users to participate in the network.
  2. NULS uses its own consensus mechanism, called Proof-of-Credit, which is designed by the NULS development team.
  3. The platform has a modular architecture, which facilitates the development of multiple sub-chains, each with their own set of rules.
  4. The platform features an alert system that issues two types of alert card in case of a node failure or an attack on the network.
    1. Yellow card alert is issued when a node in the network disconnects in the middle of block generation, due to a computer crash of internet connectivity issues.
    2. Red card alert is invoked in case someone is trying to attack the network by modifying or forking it.


#6. Should you invest in NULS?

  1. NULS has been in the market since the last quarter of 2017 and during this time it has exhibited a fair pace of growth. As of July 2018, its price is floating near $2.27 USD compared to its launch price of $0.098 USD. Although the price growth has not been without recurring fluctuations.
  2. So far, the development team has managed to complete the objectives on time that are set in their roadmap. Currently, NULS is going through its first phase in a three phase development process. Recently, in July 2018, NULS has released its mainnet and desktop wallet. Now it is looking forward to launching its official wallet on other platforms.
  3. Analysts predict, its price could reach near $10 USD by the year 2023. However, NULS has been highly volatile recently and if this continues, predictions are prone to differ. Again, these predictions have been derived from analyzing the past and present performance of NULS. Users are advised to conduct their own research before investing.
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