What is Patron (PAT)?
Future of PAT Cryptocurrency and know how to buy PAT

What is Patron token?

Patron is a project which is a mix of the modern trends where social media heavily influence the community.

Patron: The Basics

  • Patron is a new project that aims to tokenize the influencer social media. It also seeks to connect the different brands with social influencers on a global level.
  • Patron is known to make use of the blockchain technology to help social media influencer based brands. It also aims to help influencers to develop their own business. Not just that, but it also allows social media users and influencers to discover, publish, reserve and sell the information on the platform.
  • The project aims the next generation services for the influencers. Other than that, it also seeks to build a platform that will provide equality to the influencers.
  • Currently, the project targets to raise fund for various causes including global expansion, toyo influencer hub and product development.
  • Patron makes use of the token called PAT which is an open source cryptocurrency. PAT is based on the public Ethereum blockchain. It is an ERC20 based token. PAT happens to be the common and standard currency used within the ecosystem of Patron.
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What are the benefits of Patron token?

  • At present, the marketing fees are standing at 40% on a global level. The project has launched a smart contract technology that is known to provide a way of removing brokerage fees. It will help in advancing the income of the influencers and also decrease the payment of the clients.
  • Patron as a platform acts as a sharing economy for the social media influencers and users. With the help of blockchain environment and P2P connection, it can build a trustless infrastructure for its participants. The platform is known to help influencers reach new audiences for their niche so that they can share their content.
  • Patron is entirely transparent. Not just that, but all the information about the influencer’s social media including the pricing is available.

How to buy and store Patron token?

The native token of the platform is an open-source cryptocurrency which is called PAT. The token is used for various services. The Ethereum blockchain powers it. The token is known to help in the removal of any middlemen and thus, reduces the costs for both the regular users and influencers.

  • How to buy?

  1. Patron is available only on few of the cryptocurrency exchanges. However, the company has announced that it is going to make its tokens available on at least 5 new exchange listings. The company has successfully acquired the approval of the following crypto exchanges: CoinSwitch and hitBTC.
  2. The Patron team has also announced the future listing of its token on the asian exchange named Kucoin.
  3. You are required to choose the best one so that you can be safe and secure. Some of the leading crypto exchanges you can trust include HitBTC .
  • How to store?

  1. PAT is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It means that you can store PAT tokens in any wallet that supports Ethereum. In that case, you can go for MyEther wallet which is known to be one of the best Ether wallets in the crypto market.
  2. The company is going to launch its mainnet soon. It will allow the token holders to store their PAT tokens in the platform itself.

What is the future of Patron token?

  • Patron has announced a great plan to benefit the new and current token holders on its platform. The project has been developed by the Patron team and is known to consist of a token swap, 5 new exchange listings and a buy-back program. From this platform can get the idea that the Patron team isorm, really working hard to make the platform a successful one.
  • Recently, the company has joined hands with various leading influencers in the US. It indicates a bright future for the project. Not just that, but the company was featured in Forbes magazine as one of the top start-ups which should people look forward to. It only gives us hope that the platform is going to grow big in the future.

How is Patron token different from the other cryptocurrencies?

  • Patron project was founded in Japan under the wing of Extravaganza Company. It is powered by Ethereum blockchain. The motive of the project is to increase the potential of the influencers and the SNS market by the launch of the PAT coins. It is going to serve as both utility and identity value to service payments within the ecosystem.

Should you invest in Patron token?

The platform has recently achieved massive success in the promotion of their ICOs. According to experts, the influencers market is expected to grow shortly. It means that Patron has full chances of becoming too.

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