What is Propy (PROPY)?
Future of PROPY Cryptocurrency and know how to buy PROPY

What is Propy token?

Propy is an online based global real estate store which allows its buyers, brokers, sellers and escrow/notaries/title agents to come together through the use of smart contracts to facilitate transactions. The project is known to provide a network for its users so that they can connect and thus, organise estate purchase online.

Propy: The Basics

  1. The Propy App is created to enable users to find properties and then start the buying process. This particular system is packed with a lot of features which are all provided to make things easier for the users.
  2. Propy seeks to create the Propy Registry to become the global registry for title deed ownership information. It would be available to entities worldwide.
  3. Propy registry is known to consist of more than one contracts interacting with each other. These contracts are known to follow a microservices architecture approach. Each of these contracts is used for a single type of record in the system. Other than that, the contracts also contain functions that enable the modification and creation of the agreement, documents and many other administrative purposes.
  4. The company also plans to develop several complementary software components for the Propy registry. It will help them to increase the growth of the network.

What are the benefits of Propy token?

  • Propy is known to create API libraries to allow easy access to registry data for third-party apps. These libraries are going to interact directly with smart contracts. Also, it does not depend on the availability of the Propy site or any other centralised components.
  • The company also has plans to build standards to store real estate deeds on the blockchain. It is known to consist of a set of metadata such as owner details, address, right typology, coordinates, property typology and property condition.
  • The team members of Propy are experienced individuals who have adequate knowledge about the real estate market in Europe, the US, China and Middle East countries.

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How to buy Propy?

  • How to buy and store Propy token?

Propy is known to solve the issues related to the purchase of property across borders.

Propy tokens are not that popular in the market, and therefore, it is only made available on a few crypto exchange listings. The two of the leading exchanges from where you can buy Propy tokens include CoinSwitch, Huobi global and IDEX. You can choose any of the two crypto exchanges that you seem right.

  • How to store Propy?

Propy token is powered by ERC20 and therefore, you can save the token in any of the wallets that support Ethereum. One of the great options that you can rely on is MyEther Wallet.

What is the future of Propy token?

  1. Propy in plans to make use of a distributed database to store listings. This is considered to be an intermediate step towards a decentralised solution. The company is also going to introduce wallet in its mobile app and desktop application. It is going to be used by users to store Propy tokens collected by them through the reward programs of the platform.

How is Propy token different from the other cryptocurrencies?

  1. Propy tokens are mainly developed to unlock a smart contract for title transfer in the Propy registry. ERC20 tokens power PRO tokens. It allows simple integration into user wallets.
  2. PRO is the utility token of Propy platform. It is going to be used to access the services available on the Propy platform.

Should you invest in Propy token?

Propy is one of the blockchain platforms that are yet to gain the popularity it deserves. The good part is that Propy team is trying its best to make the platform a successful one. At the moment, the Propy token is doing well, but it still has a long way to go. If you are thinking of investing in Propy token, you should wait for some time and keep a close watch how the project performs. Based on future performance, you can decide whether it is beneficial to invest in the Propy tokens or not.

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