What is Pura (PURA)?
Future of PURA Cryptocurrency and know how to buy PURA

#1 - What is Pura

Pura is a decentralized blockchain, private and self-funded by the founders of the company. It is based on the Dash coin, with a secure and private environment. It is used to record transactions in a short time span, anonymously, and in the absence of a central authority.

Pura: The Basics

  1. Pura is a decentralized blockchain developed to record transactions in an anonymous manner while the system remains entirely trustless. This creates a secure environment for the transactions.
  2. The Dash cryptocurrency team was responsible for the development of this transparent blockchain, which was released in September 2017.
  3. Pura blockchain has not only merged itself in the current market but it has also joined the race with other well-established cryptocurrencies.

PURA Development

  1. PURA was developed by the Dash team as a decentralized blockchain. This was based on Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin technology. However, there have been additions such as its own crypto coins, more understanding about the government expenses and considerable social impact through PURA wallet.
  1. The team is lead by Vincent Fullerton who is an expert network analyst also holding degrees in handling large payments. There are 20 other members on the team who are expert in their own fields, continuously striving to make Pura blockchain better.
  1. Recently, PURA also announced its partnership with an organization named BitXatm. This was to create a new system where PURA will be bought in cash.


#2 - What are the Benefits of Pura?

PURA Technology

    1. Pura aims to be a part of the social impact, instead of contributing only to the commercial sector. The protocol used by the blockchain is such that it creates a contribution network amongst the owners of the PURA wallet.
    2. When a certain non-profit organization signs up with the PURA wallet, it can easily receive funding from the companies that are willing to donate for a social cause. The funds can be transferred from the company’s PURA wallet to the PURA wallet of the non-profit organization.
    3. Another technology which will prove to be a breakthrough when looked at from a social and democratic perspective is the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Network. This network consists of a masternode which can be used for instant transactions.
    4. The DAO can be used by the people to vote on the amendments to be passed, check the expenditure from the treasury and other such utilities which will make the system more transparent.
    5. The organisation also claims to an aggressive marketing technique. This technology, however, is not revealed in the current whitepaper.
    6. Pura’s blockchain technology uses a Fair Mining Network Effect. The miners have rewarded 25.16 Pura coins per block.

The X11 algorithm is used for the mining of the coins. There are various advantages to using X11. It is a very light algorithm and thus, not require high-end processing systems. The primary aim of using an X11 algorithm is the pocket-friendly nature. The mining of the coin can be done with affordable hardware and it is supported by both GPU and CPU.


  1. InstaPay: This feature is useful for the merchants in particular. It is based on the InstantPay feature of DASH but it is faster in nature. The protocol is designed in such a way that the coins are instantly sent to the masternode where they are locked. It is then recorded to the blockchain within seconds of time and the funds are transferred.
  2. Rewards for Merchants Program: This works on the concept of Proof of Adoption. It exists primarily to reward the merchants who are accepting payments in the form of PURA. These merchants will earn rewards which will come into effect in the third quarter of 2018.
  3. Mining: The blocks use the X11 algorithm for mining. The average time taken for mining is around 4 minutes. But what makes Pura special is an algorithm named DeltaDiff. It reduces the mining difficulty and smoothens the process by eliminating negative effects such as an unstable network and price instability.


#3 - How to Buy and Store Pura?

How to buy PURA/ How to buy Pura?

The Pura  cryptocurrency can be purchased on popular platforms in exchange for BTC, such as Coinexchange or Kucoin.

CoinSwitch is the largest cryptocurrency exchange where you can purchase your cryptocurrency PURA coins.

There are 45,000 pairings available on the websites which can be used for the exchange to purchase Pura. These pairings are available at different prices and at no extra cost, the crypto coins such as BTC or ETH can be exchanged for Pura.

PURA Storage

An extremely simple option that is available to store Pura coin is the PURA wallet. There are many features - such as instant transfer of coins from one wallet to aanothe,r made possible with the help of the PURA wallet. This wallet can be downloaded on the following platforms.

  • Android
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux


#4 - What is the future of Pura?

  1. One of the aims of PURA is to politically empower the owner of the masternodes. This will enable them to cast a vote on the treasury which will be used for policies such as marketing and development.
  2. There are other technological advancements that the company is aiming at. The transaction speed is to be reduced and the privacy features will be enhanced. The company will also make sure that there are no unconfirmed transactions in the blockchain.
  3. The market capital of PURA is $14 million. I The analysts at Digital Coin have predicted that the value may rise up to $0.14 in 2019.

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Oct 01, 2017








#5 - How is PURA different from other cryptocurrencies?

PURA is a well-developed blockchain when looked at from a perspective of anonymity and security. There are unique features which make it different than others.

  1. Pura is not only aiming at the commercial market, but also looking for social impact. It intends to make fund transfers easier and more secure.
  2. There is a concept of Proof of Adoption which ensures that the acceptors of the currency as payments stand to benefit as well. This creates a harmonious network.
  3. This cryptocurrency politically empowers its users. They can now vote for the treasury expenditure and be more clear about where the funds are being spent.


#6 - Should you Invest in Pura?

  1. Pura is a purpose-driven brand that has made transactions easy and transparent. It also benefits the users of the currency and not only the founders. It is secure, fast and has a stable connection.
  2. The analysts have also predicted a bright future for the currency. It is said that the value of the currency can almost double in the coming year.
  3. Pura has also published a whitepaper with essential information. This whitepaper has statistical data, the technology used and the purposes of the coin which makes the vision to invest in the coin very clear.
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