What is Radium (RADS)?
Future of RADS Cryptocurrency and know how to buy RADS

#1: What is Radium?

RADS: The Basics

  1. Radium, also referred to as RADS, is a new development in the blockchain arena that acts as a verification protocol used to validate the authenticity of data and transactions. It is the cryptocurrency that powers the Radium SmartChain network. SmartChain allows its users to transact in a safe manner by validating the transaction.
  2. Radium stores the hash functions of all the users files. This in turn ensures that the file has not been tampered at any point of time, allowing a secure pathway. Expanding the horizons of the blockchain, RADS focuses on non-conventional usage of cryptocurrency by not limiting the usage to financial transactions only.

RADS Development

  1. Developed by xRadon, under the umbrella of Project Radon, this cryptocurrency aims to provide a decentralised blockchain service using the Radium technology. Access to the blockchain can be obtained through the Radium SmartChain. The SmartChain has been developed to allow users to gain access to information other than the financial utility of the blockchain.
  2. Developed by a team of 5 members, RADS does not have a supporting marketing or sales team or a social profile of members except the lead, Timothy J Mesker. Radium launched its first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in January 2016.


#2: What are the benefits of Radium?

RADS Technology

  1. Radium, as an xRadon project has been developed in two components – the SmartChain and the Core. It is still based on the same technology that BTC uses to conduct financial transactions. However, RADS applies tech on a larger scale to verify data. Radium has been developed as a cloud compatible platform that functions alike on MS Azure, Amazon AWS, etc.
  1. The SmartChain blockchain technology replaces wallet links with usernames and allows all users to access information about others. Information such as notes uploaded on the platform can be used to record predictions, create memorials, etc. Other types of information include:
    1. Identity Record maintenance, where optional demographic information is recorded and made a part of the public data. Any activity undertaken by the identified user is then validated by an asymmetrical key signing.
    2. Identity Verification, where the developers can be contacted to verify accounts. This helps users to prevent scammers using misleading usernames.
    3. File Signature, that allows users to sign digital files using hash functions. These files then become part of a public database and their authenticity can be checked via the hash function.
  2. Its decentralized character facilitates individuals to generate a proof of ownership and existence of any blockchain in a permissioned environment. Such permissioned environment allows restricted usership for the validation of a block transaction.
  3. Radium Core is the founding base for SmartChain. It allows Radium users to extract data from the SmartChain using a standard RPC connection through the RADS wallet. A RPC connection or a Random Procedure Call is a protocol developed to exchange data by connecting the clients to a server and issuing commands for the exchange.
  4. Powered by its users from around the globe, Radium Core is a no permission requiring blockchain technology where any person can connect and develop or mine the currency, whereas, the previously mentioned Radium Smartchain is a permissioned technology where only authenticated miners are allowed to develop the blockchain.

Key Features

  1. RADS offers its users the ability to connect with other users and conduct transactions with a username instead of a wallet address.
  2. SmartChain Verify-Windows: Provides permission to check locally stored files against the files’ hash records maintained by RADS blockchain. 
  3. SmartChain Verify-Linux: Provides the same facilities as its windows counterpart with the verticality and efficiencies of a Linux operator.
  4. SmartChain Verify-web: The web version provides the same functions as the Windows and Linux versions on a web application. This allows users to check a link prior to downloading a file for security purposes.
  5. An unlocked Radium Wallet: It allows Radium wallet users to link addresses, verify transactions and identity, generate proof of ownership and existence, transfer random assets(Token), etc.

Value proposition

  1. Radium is a unique usage of the blockchain network to allow verification and identification of users. This introduction to the technique of authentication of users, their ownership of the token and its existence in the blockchain has facilitated a sense of security in all transactions. It has helped develop blockchains that use the Radium platform to allow users to verify the files and their hashes stored in the blockchain.
  2. The blockchain stores the file hash along with a report on the recorder of the file, its name and time of recording. These details allow other users to authenticate transactions and files in order to detect fraudulent manipulation. Thus, Radium technology can be applied not just to financial transactions but go beyond and become useful in other spheres of life.


#3: How to buy & store Radium?

How to buy Radium?

  1. RADS has not been made available for purchase using fiat currency. It can be bought by flipping other crypto like Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin. These can then be transferred to any international exchange dealing in Radium and be used to buy the required number of RADS Tokens.

RADS Wallet

  1. Radium, as a protocol and software, requires users to be registered and hold a Radium Wallet. These wallets function on a name-based identity rather than the typical wallet address. The wallet address is linked to the username assigned to a SmartChain user. A registered user can store and transact using their personal wallet.
  2. The registration for the wallet requires a minimum of 5 Radiums which are used to verify the user and their address. After completing the registration process, the wallet allows you to add a description to identify the holder.
  3. For the purpose of verification, the SmartChain developers perform a manual verification which has no strict requirements. Once you’re cleared by SmartChain developers, you are ready to store and trade in Radiums.


  1. CoinSwitch, the online cryptocurrency trading platform, allows its users to freely trade in Radium and avail the best value advantage. It provides live price fluctuations and rates across different exchanges to help you make an informed decision. The information provided by CoinSwitch helps you track and predict the market trends accurately. This helps in exchanging Radium for other cryptocurrencies or vice versa and make the best out of your cryptocurrency investments.

  2. It provides access to a secure platform and quick and easy transactions. CoinSwitch connects users directly with their private RADS wallet without third party intervention. Fast and easy payments along with live tracking, while the transaction is being processed is possible with this platform


#4: What is the future of Radium?

Radium has a market cap of over $86 million with the supply of 3.5 million coins, as of June 2018. The price of RADS has fluctuated around the $2.7 mark with a substantial raise recorded in the month of May 2018, when it reached $7 per coin. Post its introduction in 2016, Radium has seen prices as high as $18 at the beginning of 2018 and has settled at the current $2.7 with minor ups and downs.

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30 June, 2018






04 July, 2018






Radium is expected to show a positive rise given that it is predicted to develop the IoT industry. Experts are relying on its DNA of constant development and innovation to boost investor confidence. The long-term projections of Radium present a bright and positive future.


#5: How is Radium different from other cryptos?

  1. Radium SmartChain has been developed to expand the usage of blockchain technology. This development stretches beyond the standard methods by allowing you (the user) to link your username to an address.
  2. Further, a proof of existence can be generated by you just by specifying a download that is verified by the Radium SmartChain interface. This has not been made available by other cryptocurrencies.


#6: Should you invest in Radium?

  1. Radium, as a new technology, has existed in the market since 2016. It has seen a variation in price and fluctuation with the market rise and fall. While RADS lost 61.986% in the first six months of 2018, in comparison to its inception in 2016, it had appreciated with a change of 12,865.15%.
  2. With the volatility in the crypto market and the anonymity of the team behind RADs, it may not look very safe, but given the predictions and trends RADS may add value to your portfolio.
  3. The cryptocurrency market remains in its developmental phase but shows great prospects for a shift from other investments and currencies. Multiple positive growth predictions with light fluctuations could make Radium a good option for a long-term investment as well as for flipping.
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