What is Ravencoin (RVN)?
Future of RVN Cryptocurrency and know how to buy RVN

Ravencoin is a new coin that is known to make use of an x16R algorithm. The said crypto coin was developed to be ASIC resistant. It calls for the significant reason behind the growing popularity of Ravencoin.

Ravencoin: The Basics

  • Ravencoin is an ASIC resistant coin which is based on an x16R algorithm. This particular algorithm is a unique one as it makes use of 16 different algorithms. All these algorithms are selected randomly depending on the last hash block.
  • Ravencoin is a relatively new project that was launched on 31st October 2017. It is a fork of the Bitcoin. In other words, the project is developed on the vision of Bitcoin. However, there are added features that are known to make Ravencoin better in functionality.
  • Ravencoin is an open source platform that has been designed to transfer assets from one holder to another. With the help of this platform, users will be able to perform transactions within just a few seconds. User can also complete international operations without the involvement of any third-parties. These are some of the main benefits of using Ravencoin platform.
  • Ravencoin as a platform is known to make use of P2P connection while transferring assets.
  • The name of the token was decided after the bird Raven which is a symbol of truth in this fictional world. The platform is known to strictly follow the meaning of their name by delivering truth in terms of which user owns and transfers what assets.
  • The Ravencoin platform has been enabled to transform all types of assets including a share of the project, world assets, virtual goods, credit, etc.

What are the benefits of Ravencoin token?

  • Ravencoin is developed as the fork of bitcoin token.
  • Ravencoin is a platform that has been designed for tokenized assets and tokens. One of the main functions of the platform includes the trading, issuance, and creation of all types of digital assets. The platform is mainly developed for the publication of security tokens.
  • Ravencoin happens to be a unique token based on the x16R algorithm which is ASIC resistance.
  • It is one of the most popular crypto tokens listed out there. It is because of this reason that it can be bought and stored easily. Not just that, but the token also has its desktop and mobile wallet as well.

How to buy Ravencoin token?

Ravencoin may be a new token, but it is undoubtedly more famous than half of the crypto coins out there. The massive popularity of the coin has made it easy to buy and store.

  • How to buy?

  1. When it comes to buying Ravencoin, Binance happens to be the first option. Not just that, but Binance is also the cryptocurrency exchange where Ravencoin has the highest trading volume of more than $850K. You can purchase Ravencoin in exchange for BNB and BTC from Binance.
  2. Other than Binance, Ravencoin is also available in many other well-known cryptocurrency exchanges including DigiFinex, UPBit, Cryptopia, and Bittrex. In case, you are not okay with Binance; you can choose to buy the said crypto from any of these mentioned exchanges.
  • How to store?

  1. For the ones who do not know but Ravencoin has its desktop wallet. It can be downloaded from the official website of Ravencoin. The best thing about the Ravencoin desktop wallet is that it is supported by all the major platforms including Windows, Linux, and MacOSX.
  2. Ravencoin can also be stored in mobile wallets. There are mobile wallets available for both the ios and android platform. Ravencoin android wallet is for Android users, and Ravencoin ios wallet is for iPhone users. You can download both the mobile wallets from the official website of Ravencoin.
  3. You can even store Ravencoin in paper wallets. Many of the members of the Ravencoin community have contributed to paper wallets. These can be found on the site itself.
  4. Also, there are rumors that Ravencoin will soon be made compatible with hardware wallets. It means that you can also be able to save Ravencoin in hardware wallets as well. Rumors have it that it is soon going to be added in Ledger Nano S.

What is the future of Ravencoin token?

  • Ravencoin is expected to be the next crypto giants. Although it has not been accepted by many, it is expected to show tremendous growth in the coming future.
  • Ravencoin is a platform that has been developed to transfer assets. Although there are other platforms as well, Ravencoin focuses on this particular issue.
  • In the last few months, Ravencoin has experienced a tremendous increase in price. It has attracted the attention of investors in particular crypto. It seem to indicate good things about the coin. According to experts, Ravencoin has high growth potential in the future.
  • The uniqueness of the Ravencoin platform is going to take it to new heights. The team behind the said crypto is working hard to make it a successful token in the market.

How Is Ravencoin token different from other cryptocurrencies?

  • With its unique approach to use case, Ravencoin aims to be different than the other crypto coins out there.
  • Ravencoin is known to support the porting of layer two tokens to the RVN chain. Also, the platform also offers an alternative approach to the application of token.
  • Ravencoin forum is an ad-free platform where you can discuss anything related to the crypto coin.

Should you invest in Ravencoin token?

  • Ravencoin is a new project, but that doesn’t discourage investors from investing in this new crypto coin. Considering that Ravencoin is the fork of bitcoin, it can be said that it is worth investing.
  • Ravencoin is a very popular token based on an x16R algorithm. In other words, it is ASIC resistance. Well, this is what sets Ravencoin apart from the rest of the crypto coins. It should give more reasons for investors to invest in Ravencoin.
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