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RChain (RHOC)

RChain is making a better blockchain architecture, to solve the existing problems of the decentralized world, like scalability, speed and safety problems.RChain’s architecture was designed after a branch of mathematics called mobile process calculi in an effort to maximize the platform’s scalability.he platform can support multiple blockchains, both public and private even on the same node. The blockchains are secured through Proof of Stake consensus protocol.

RChain’s design has significant advantages over other blockchain competitors: Speed- RChain’s architecture should allow it to easily accommodate tens of thousands of transactions per second. RChain plans to launch with the capacity to handle 40,000 transactions per second eventually improving towards its goal of 100,000 transactions per second. Tools- The developer tools that will come along with the RChain platform are unmatchable by current market offerings. RChain plans to offer a platform that easily allows developers of different backgrounds and coding languages to easily connect their apps and products to its blockchain. RChain Cooperative- The co-op is a public group made up of RChain’s developers, investors, and users. It allows its members to develop and access RChain’s open source blockchain. Creating a community atmosphere, the co-op gives every member the ability to influence the future of the platform. Trust– RChain will enable developers worldwide to create safe and tamper proof decentralized solutions that are both scalable and fast.

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