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What is Refereum (RFR)?
Future of RFR Cryptocurrency and know how to buy RFR

What is RFR?

#1: What is Refereum?

Today, the gaming industry is estimated to generate $109 billion, with more than 2 billion people around the world playing games every day. The most challenging task for developers in the gaming industry involves reaching out to gamers. Almost $20 billion is spent every year in the gaming industry on advertising and marketing. The increasing competition in the gaming industry has been the reason for increased costs, and this is expected to rise further. Refereum aims to solve the problem of overspending in the gaming industry.

Refereum: The Basics

  1. Refereum is a referral blockchain for the gaming industry. It features smart contracts established directly between developers and gamers which help in creating a decentralized and transparent marketplace with the purchase made recorded on the blockchain.
  2. Refereum, like most of the utility tokens in the market, is also an ERC-20 token developed upon the Ethereum blockchain.

Refereum Development

  1. Refereum initially planned to conduct its initial coin offering in February 2018 but ended up canceling it at the last minute.
  2. The cancellation of the initial coin offering led to a massive outrage in the community, making investors understandably angry over the how the organization worked.
  3. In an attempt to calm down the investors, Refereum organization launched a program called EarnDrop which gave whitelisted members free RFR tokens.


  1. Dylan Jones / Founder - After working on some of the highest grossing Facebook titles and co-founding Gamenest, Dylan Jones founded Refereum. Dylan Jones has been an advocate on decentralized systems at global conferences.
  2. Alistair Doulin / Chief Technical - Alistar has previously worked for Bane Games and has also worked as a programmer for many other different companies like Homesoft, Auran, Fuzzyeyes etc. He is also a board of advisor for the Skrilla project.
  3. Mark Maratea / Engine Developer  - Mark has been in the gaming industry for over 15 years has worked with some pretty big brands like Electronic Arts, Zynga and KIXEYE.
  4. Nick Klingensmith / Tools Developer - Although the whitepaper mentions Nick as a Tools Developer, Nick’s LinkedIn profile seems to tell a different story. According to his Linkedin account, Nick is currently working in Microsoft as a Mixed Reality Academy Lead Engineer.


#2: What are the benefits of Refereum?

The Refereum project is designed in a manner which gives gamers, influencers and developers give everybody a win-win situation.

  1. Gamers earn money by playing video games, influencers earn by streaming and developers expand their fan base by offering cash rewards. Here are some details on how everyone benefits from the platform:
  2. Gamers

    1. Earn money from playing video games.

    2. Referring new games and earn.

    3. Trading earned RFR tokens.

    4. Getting secured gaming profits.

  3. Influencers

    1. Earn money for streaming on Refereum Platform.

    2. Earn from the Award Network of Refereum Platform.

    3. No legal-fees or set up required.

  4. Developers

    1. Easily scalable marketing platform for developers.

    2. Can offer prizes for holding events and quests.

    3. Can create a cost-effective platform for their games.

  5. API Integration - The Refereum has some popular API integrations on its platform. It has integrated the Connext API so that investors can buy RFR tokens easily with a credit card. Refereum is also integrated with the Twitch API and offers tools from Unity.

  6. Multiple Use Cases of RFR Token - RFR tokens are built upon on the Ethereum blockchain and have many use cases beside being a simple token.

  7. People can buy games on Refereum[dot]com using the RFR tokens. The receipt of the purchase is generated on the blockchain.

  8. Developers can feature and sponsor their game on the platform.
  9. Sellers pay using RFR token to list their products or digital goods for distribution on the platform.


#3: How to buy and store RFR?

Buying RFR

  1. Refereum is available to trade on 10 international exchanges with an average 24h volume of around $732k as of August, 2018. OKEx and Upbit dominate the volume by 74%.
  2. The coin is also available on some of the decentralized exchanges like IDEX, DDEX and EtherDelta. But the volume on the decentralized exchanges is pretty low and there's a chance that your order might not get fulfilled.
  3. If you avoid the hassle of going to multiple exchanges and finding the best rate, you may use CoinSwitch, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, which will give you the best rate across multiple exchanges.
  4. CoinSwitch supports more than 300+ actively traded cryptocurrencies on its website. You also don’t need to send your tokens anywhere, since all the transactions are completed right from your private wallet.

Storing RFR

  1. Refereum, like most of the ERC-20 tokens, can be stored on any Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens.
  2. You can use tools like MyEtherWallet and MetaMask for storing your ERC-20 based tokens. To use the official website of Refereum, you need to install MetaMask wallet for receiving the RFR token earned from the site.


#4: What is the future of Refereum?

  1. As of August, 2018, the market cap of the coin is around $10 million.

  2. The total supply of RFR is 5,000,000,000 RFR and the circulating supply at 47% of the total supply i.e. 2,385,362,033 RFR.

Price Chart

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Price History







Market Cap
































































RFR’s marketcap and volume may seem to have been significantly manipulated, going from 3x in value and back to 1x. But then these are standard moves from cryptocurrencies.


The roadmap of Refereum is pretty filled for the upcoming year. Their website essentially mentions three upcoming steps to the roadmap.

  1. Engage - Launch of the Growth Engine for token exchange and game release. A full release of Twitch System and the Quest System. API Integration is also lined up. Enabling purchase of RFR token on the website. They also mention reaching their goal of 1,000,000 users.

  2. Expand - Enabling Game discoverability so that the users can use the RFR token on the website. Reaching the goal of mainstream industry adoption and 5,000,000 users. Game-recommendation system and full on chain e-commerce using the RFR token.

  3. RFR Blockchain - The last goal on their roadmap as of now is the release testnet and the mainnet. Moving from the Ethereum blockchain to their own mainnet chain, and Distributed Game Storage and distribution remain the final goals.


#5: How is Refereum different from other cryptocurrencies?

  1. Easy purchase Mechanism - Purchasing Refereum is just a 2-step process. It uses the widely popular MetaMask chrome plugin which makes buying RFR token a breeze process. Additionally, users can also buy RFR token using the Smart Contract Platform of Refereum.

  2. ICAP  - The Interexchange Client Address Protocol is a feature of the Ethereum blockchain that allows fund transfers between 3rd party accounts. By using MetaMask users are freed from entering their ICAP address as Referum automatically generates the transaction for the user to review before submitting onto the blockchain.

  3. Strong Partnership - The Refereum team has a strong and successful partnership with companies like Unity, Twitch and Epic Games. This helps with vast exposure to the Refereum team.

  4. Solid Advisories - Refereum has some solid advisors on board with their project.

    1. Koh Kim - Koh is an ex-Googler who worked there on launching and growing multiple Google products in business development and marketing role. Currently, she advises gaming startups on business development and marketing.

    2. Oleksii Matiiasevych - Oleksii is the saviour of Ethereum who managed to save millions of dollars in the multi-sig wallet exploit.

    3. David Park - Leading experience in companies and firms like Facebook, Nextdoor and McKinsey & Company is only some of the things he is good at. He has over 20 years of experience as a product leader and management consultant.

    4. Miko Matsumura - He has worked at LimeLight CRM and is an advisor to over a dozen ICOs. He is also the co-founder of Evercoin cryptocurrency exchange.


#6: Should you invest in Refereum?

  1. At this moment we won’t advise you to invest in this coin because the organisation is known to be quite reckless with their investors and many investors are still angry with them after the cancellation of the ICO.
  2. The coin’s aim is very niche specific, and there is not a massive market for it right now. Many investors feel the issue that Refereum is trying to solve isn’t too big as they are perceiving.
  3. The RFR token is a pure utility token, which means users are not incentivized for holding the token.
  4. There are arguably superior, currencies available on the market based on the gaming industry - like Theta - who have a main project deployed. Doesn’t mean you should overlook Refereum though.

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