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Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX)

The Safe Exchange is a platform on which any person can create a digital item and also issue a digital contract. The Safe Network allows a person to store any kind of information and communicate any kind of information with cryptographic integrity. Through a client application a user can define an item's attributes and then later offer that item in a contract to a marketplace where other people can discover, scrutinize, and even fulfill the terms of the contract autonomously without the necessity of a 'trusted third party' to intervene in transactions

The exchange allows people to store and trade structured data sets called Safe Contracts that permit people to deal with each other based on the terms of a Turing complete digital contract interface. The terms of the contract can be determined at creation and take input from any activity whether referencing other electronic data, manual input by a person or program through a client interface or even external influences from the environment (for example, weather conditions as reported by an external oracle). This opens up many new possibilities in real-time transaction matching and clearing since the Safe Network storage system highly responsive

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