What is Trinity Network Credit (TNC)?
Future of TNC Cryptocurrency and know how to buy TNC

#1 - Trinity Network Credit : The Basics

Trinity Network Credit is one of the younger class of cryptocurrencies that is providing off-chain scaling solutions for NEO blockchain. The coin is gaining traction as it is expected to become one of the main go-to digital currencies for retail and peer to peer üpayments.

What is Trinity Network Credit

  1. Trinity Network Credit is Trinity Network’s native currency which was created to facilitate real-time payments, low transaction fees, scalability and privacy protection for assets on the NEO blockchain.
  2. The Trinity Network Credit cryptocurrency is denoted by the symbol TNC. Its total supply is 1 billion TNC.
  3. Trinity Network Credit’s token sale was conducted on 14 January 2018.
  4. Trinity Network uses state channels technology to provide off-chain scaling solutions universally especially to NEO blockchain. TNC tokens act as utility tokens that can be used for all the transactions, value-added services activities, fees, rewards for contributions, etc. on the platform.

Trinity Network Credit Development

  1. Trinity Network Credit was co-founded by David Yiling Li, Guangfeng Zhang and Fengping Yi (Co-Founder). David was previously the overseas manager of Antshares (NEO) & has headed the global token sale campaign of Antshares. So, he is well versed with the flaws in NEO’s present protocol.
  2. Trinity Network Credit development team claims to be creating Internet of Things (IoT) networking solutions & extending the network to more blockchains.


#2 - Trinity Network Credit Technology

  1. Trinity Network technology functions like a layer above the blockchain to compliment NEO's basic framework. It eliminates the need for a global consensus by using a dense network of payment channels for the safe off-chain transfers (transfers without involving the blockchain). This increases the network’s capability to scale at improved levels.
  2. Trinity’s state channel technology is used for private transfer of token by privately exchanging messages instead of using a global consensus mechanism.
  3. The state channel layer consists of multiple private payment channels that settle transactions on the blockchain. This secures the network & ensures its users’ privacy while maintaining the guarantees that are expected from the blockchain system.
  4. It uses Proof of Asset technology for providing off-chain scaling solutions. This allows transactions & token transfers only after mainnet digital assets are locked as collaterals to form PoA.
  5. Once the transaction is complete, the assets can be transferred back to the mainnet and the balance is registered on the mainnet; but it does not record off-chain transactions. So, the number of transactions and their respective amounts are always concealed to ensure user privacy.


  1. Trinity Network solves the scalability problem of NEO blockchain by using off-chain transactions. This reduces the lags in order confirmation time & helps in delivering real-time payments with low transaction fees regardless of the number of transactions being processed in the network.
  2. All the logic layers of Trinity Network are completely decoupled from each other. This way they serve dApps independently. This facilitates crosschain transaction services.
  3. Trinity Network Credit can be used for making peer-to-peer & global payments infrastructure with NEO Enhancement Proposals tokens (NEP-5).
  4. Trinity Network creates a unique private channel for every user to send & receive payments. This channel cannot be reviewed on the global ledger & hence ensures that the user’s identity is concealed. It also uses zero knowledge proof and CoinJoin for maximum data protection and privacy. Additional privacy features can be bought by paying TNC coins.
  5. Trinity provides final settlement on-chain & broadcasts the settlement amounts to its network. This way it decentralises the platform.


#3 - How to Buy and Store Trinity Network Credit ?

How to buy Trinity Network Credit / How to buy TNC

Trinity Network Credit is available to trade on exchanges like Kucoin, Bibox, and Gate.io. But it can get difficult to get the best price for your transactions. This is where CoinSwitch steps in.

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  2. You can also buy, sell and trade over 300 cryptocurrencies for the Trinity Network Credit crypto. It offers interchangeability and unified experience for all cryptocurrencies with a wide offering from all major exchanges.

Trinity Network Credit Storage

Trinity Network Credit is a NEP-5 token, which means it is supported by any hardware wallets that support the NEO blockchain natively. It can be stored in the following wallets:

- Trezor

- Ledger Nano S.

- Neotracker.io

- NEON wallet


#4 - What is the future of Trinity Network Credit?

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  1. As of July 2018, its market capitalisation stands at $7 million USD.

  2. It’s faced a turbulent 2018, with its prices having fallen from $0.09 in April 2018 to $0.032 in July 2018. It did however, peak around May 2018 at $0.13.

  3. However, with a wide ranging use cases of the TNC token, Trinity Network Credit may be set up for a strong run in the markets if conditions allow.

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Market Cap

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Apr 01, 2018








#5 - How is Trinity Network Credit different from other cryptocurrencies?

Trinity Network Credit has multiple standout features because of its multi-layer framework that makes it unique from most other cryptocurrencies.

  1. Trinity’s state channels enable instant transactions with no latency as when the transacting parties put up their assets as collaterals on NEO blockchain, then a smart contract is instantly created to verify the participants & lock/unlock deposits.
  2. Many users might find creation of state channels with all their counterparties unfeasible because of asset collateral costs. So, Channel Network Layer (CNL) provides state channels & real-time, fully automatic routing to the transaction parties who do not have established state channels.
  3. Trinity’s CNL services are applicable to dApps also. This enables Business to Business, Business to Channel instant payment, provides network-wide data collection, instant exchange between coins, etc.
  4. Trinity provides its users plug-in customizable offchain transaction services with the Channel Service Layer (CSL). This enables customization of services to suit the transaction needs of different industries & assets.


#6 - Should you invest in Trinity Network Credit / invest in Trinity Network Credit?

  1. Trinity Network Credit has made an unofficial announcement that TNC holders would be rewarded with TNC tokens in the future for channel routing on Trinity. This can encourage more nodes, investors on Trinity & may even increase TNC’s value.
  2. The trade volume is expected to grow fast on the NEO blockchain. So, as NEO grows, TNC may also grow. This can further stimulate Trinity Network Credit ’s transaction volume & can push for a bull run in the long term.
  3. The platform is targeting maximising the scalability of NEO blockchain & also has wide range of use-cases. This can make it a good long-term hold rather than just another pump-and-dump scheme.
  4. TNC can also be used for a unified settlement by using these tokens as a mortgaged asset during channel establishment. This can be especially beneficial for small and medium sized nodes or users who are not able to sync resources on the entire chain. This can reduce transaction costs for on-chain and off-chain transactions on the exchange & lure more investors, leading to the mass adoption of TNC coin.
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