What is TrueFlip (TFL)?
Future of TFL Cryptocurrency and know how to buy TFL

#1 - What is TrueFlip?

TrueFlip: The Basics

Flip’s Star, Rapid to the Moon, Chain’s code and Pirate Bay, what are they? If you guessed online games, you would be right. But these are far from ordinary; they are a series of the world’s first anonymous blockchain-based betting games! TrueFlip is the anonymous lottery website that hosts these games.

TrueFlip Development

  1. TrueFlip is managed by an international team, including members from China, Japan, Russia, Canada, Brazil and other countries.
  2. It is developed and managed by an international team of professionals, who have extensive knowledge when it comes to creating and managing Blockchain based projects. Core team members include COO Nikita Parkhomenko, CFO Daniil Andriyanov, lead developers Felix Sidokhin and Nikita Ivanov, IT specialists Oleg Skorbatyuk and Vladimir Feoktistov, and marketing expert Konstantin Katsev.
  3. According to the TrueFlip team, the idea to launch a transparent lottery project came to them in September 2016. After extensive research on the market projects existing at that time, the team started working on one that raised the bar.
  4. The aim was to develop a project that was driven by the expertise of its community members, and one that was decentralized and transparent to the public.
  5. Flip, the TrueFlip mascot, was created to reflect the ideas of fairness, intelligence and luck.
  6. TrueFlip.io was ready for beta testing by the Bitcoin community by April 2017.
  7. Over time, various TrueFlip games were developed and launched on the official website.


#2 - What are the advantages of TrueFlip?

TrueFlip Technology

  1. The TrueFlip lottery process is transparent and decentralized, hence does not come under the authority of any central governing body. Further, it allows its users to make bets anonymously.
  2. TrueFlip tokens count as shares of the company, and work on the basis of the amount of traffic that comes to the website every day. As a TFL token owner, you stand to earn more money per month, the greater the traffic. According to its whitepaper, “As soon as [the] TrueFlip Platform becomes decentralized, all shareholders will be able to vote any management change, for example, to reducing or increasing of the marketing budget or dividends. Further, with the adoption of smart contracts, all the voting process will be fully automatized, making all the process absolutely reliable.”
  3. TFL token holders can enjoy the exclusive benefit of being the only ones able to participate in a special quarterly game held by the company. The prize fund is formed from 10-15% of the total money acquired from the sale of each TrueFlip lottery ticket.
  4. As a TFL token owner, you can take part in the surveys conducted by TrueFlip which are used for improving the system.
  5. Smart contracts can be implemented using TFL, as it is ERC-20 compatible.
  6. Payouts to users are instant, that is, when a ticket wins, the amount is instantly transferred to the user’s wallet.


#3 - How to buy and store TrueFlip?

How to buy TrueFlip

  1. TrueFlip tokens can be obtained from various cryptocurrency exchanges such as CoinSwitch, Kucoin, HitBTC, Etherdelta, etc.
  2. Of course, if you’re looking for a simple, hassle-free way for doing so, just check out CoinSwitch. It is the best cryptocurrency exchange for converting, exchanging, and trading cryptocurrencies. CoinSwitch essentially compiles the rates of cryptos across different exchanges, and provides you with recommendations that include the most favorable ones.
  3. You can easily obtain TrueFlip tokens in exchange for other digital currencies such as BTC and ETH.

How to store TrueFlip

  1. TrueFlip, being an ERC-20 Ethereum token, can be stored on any Ethereum wallet, that is, one which is able to hold ERC-20 tokens. Popular choices include My EtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, and Parity.
  2. In addition, when you sign up on the TrueFlip website, you automatically get a BTC wallet which you can utilize to store TFL tokens.


#4 – What is the future of TrueFlip?

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  1. As of July 2018, the token’s market capitalization is $4.2 million and the total supply is 8,924,667 TFL. The price of a single TrueFlip token is equivalent to $0.681342 as of the same time.
  2. Since its initial days, the price of token has been steadily increasing. But as of July 2018, the price has gone down by quite a bit, subjected to the uncertainties that plague the fate of the cryptocurrencies.
  3. But looking on the bright side, the coin is predicted to kick back into action, with its price increasing upto more than $3 a token!

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Oct 01, 2017








#5 - How is TrueFlip different from other cryptocurrencies?

  1. TrueFlip is one of the first online blockchain-based lottery systems that lets its users to bet with TFL tokens, for the chance to win Bitcoins.
  2. Two types of products are offered to TrueFlip members - lottery tickets and TFL tokens.
  3. As a member, you can play four different online lottery games, namely - Flip’s Star, Pirate Bay, Rapid to the Moon, and Chain’s code. Each game requires you to bet on certain numbers to show up during a random draw, which takes place according to an algorithm devised by TrueFlip. This algorithm is available on Github, making the entire process transparent and non-rigged, giving all users an equal chance to win.
  4. Earning money through TrueFlip is all based on luck and chance; if you are really lucky and play smart, you might become a Bitcoin billionaire!


#6 - Should you invest in TrueFlip?

  1. TrueFlip is a relatively new token, with its month-long ICO having taken place in 2017. That being said, TrueFlip aims to be the biggest online blockchain-based lottery systems that there is.
  2. The team claims that the games involved are completely fair, and there is no third party involvement when it comes to giving out the prize money.
  3. Moreover, TFL token holders stand to gain huge profits whenever a ticket holder wins a game.
  4. If you consider yourself to be a lucky individual, go ahead and try your luck at winning the TrueFlip lottery. Otherwise, to be on the safer side as a token holder, you can choose to sit back and let other users make the money for you!
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