What is DigixDAO (DGD)?

DigixDAO (DGD)

Digix provides a use case for the tokenisation and documentation of physical assets through its Proof of Asset (PoA) protocol. The PoA protocol utilises Ethereum and the InterPlanetary Files System (IPFS) to track an asset through its chain of custody. This allows for the open and public verification of an asset’s existence without a centralised database. Digix also offers an API allowing other applications to be built on top of our asset tokenisation service. Thus far, Digix has created two types of Ethereum tokens - each with unique properties. These two tokens complement each other to ensure their joint success.

DGX The future gold-standard for value exchange in the Ethereum ecosystem. Each token represents 1 gram of 99.99% LBMA standard gold and secured in Safehouse vaults. On-chain proof of auditing; no fractional reserve; fully allocated. Redeem 100 DGX tokens for 100g of physical gold via personal or mail.

DGD Claim quarterly rewards based on the total DGX collected through transaction fees. Used to pledge on DigixDAO proposals with the goal of increasing DGX adoption. DGD value fluctuates based on exchange rates and market forces. There are 2,000,000 DGD tokens in existence.

Circulating supply: 2,000,000




DigixDAO (DGD)

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