What is GXShares (GXS)?

GXShares (GXS)

Gongxinbao(GXB) developed a public blockchain—GXChain, for decentralized data exchange. It is the first decentralized data trading platform in the world. Personal data will not be cached on GXB data exchange, protecting privacy of customers. In addition, GXB data exchange protects data copyright, prevents data fraud, and supports bilateral anonymity, which could be applied to various field. The data exchange commercialized on September 24th, 2017, to date, it finished more than 8 million times of data transaction, with revenue more than 10 Million CNY.

Currently, GXB data exchange providing solutions for companies in the field of financial technology, personal loan, anto loan, Peer-to-peer lending, and banks. Moreover, it could also provide solutions for public Institutions like government, insurance company, health care, and logistics that have data exchange demands.

GXShares(GXS) token is the cryptocurrency on GXChain, issued by GXB team.

GXS has the following values:




GXShares (GXS)

How to buy sell GXShares (GXS)

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