What is I/O Coin (IOC)?

I/O Coin (IOC)

I/O Digital is open source blockchain ecosystem project actively developed by a team of blockchain security and cryptocurrency experts.I/O Digital was launched in July 2014. There are around 16.3 million IOC in circulation with a maximum cap of 22 Million.They started as I/O Coin (IOC) without any Initial Coin Offer (ICO) or Premine. IOC was fair launched just like bitcoin, litecoin & peercoin. IOC was launched via X11 Proof of Work (PoW) mining period before switching over to our own unique flavor of Proof of Stake (PoS) POS I/O to secure our blockchain. In 2016 The I/O Digital foundation was formed to further awareness of the open source public blockchain as it was done for bitcoin, litecoin and a few other fair launched projects.

DIONS V.2 and a project codenamed "Chameleon - a Bitcoin identity sidechain & a Multi Blockchain smart contract Ecosystem" DIONS enables data on the blockchain, with capabilities of document and identity storage. DIONS also allows for AES 256 encrypted messaging, along with a complete Alias system. The IOC data, messaging / alias system fees are redistributed to all active stakers in the network. This ensures further IOC distribution, and incentives users to stake while securing the network.




I/O Coin (IOC)

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