What is Nexium (NXC)?

Nexium (NXC)

Nexiums are ERC-20 compliant tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. As a standard token smart contract, it can be referenced and used in Mist (the official Ethereum Wallet) and of course to buy all assets of Beyond the Void. The Economy of Beyond the Void is based on Nexium. Beyond the Void is an upcoming real-time strategy video game where two players compete against each other on a space battlefield to rule the galaxy. The game is designed to be competitive and playable in E-sport tournaments.

They are also planing to create an entire video gaming ecosystem using Nexiums as their in-game currency, since blockchain allows them to create cross-gaming assets, usable in several games with different implementations and effects which is another feature we think players will find valuable. It is a new and interesting concept of blockchain gaming, and you should definitely check it out.



How to buy sell Nexium (NXC)

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