WhiteCoin (XWC)

Whitecoin (XWC) is a three year old decentralized global blockchain with a focus on cyber security, payments & secure communications. While available to everyone, WhiteCoin is driven by a dedicated community of supporters yet controlled by no one single individual. This attractive combination will help ensure stability, growth, and compelling technological developments.

Main Features: WhiteOS WhiteOS is a portable Ubuntu operating system focused on anonymity that can be installed on any USB drive. This not only offers a cold storage option but also gives the option to trade anonymously by plugging the USB into any PC. WhiteNode WhiteNode is a highly optimized image for Raspberry Pi that allows users to run a wallet with minimal hardware requirements. This gives a low cost and low consumption solution to safely stake coins. Community funded Since Whitecoin is not preminded the coin is exclusively funded by community donations. The community has successfully crowdfunded fees for being listed on new exchanges like Stocks.exchange.

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