What is Zeepin (ZPT)?
Future of ZPT Cryptocurrency and know how to buy ZPT

1. What is Zeepin?

Zeepin (ZPT): The basics

  1. Zeepin is a decentralized platform which is creating an ecosystem powered by blockchain technology to support the global creative industry. The platform is developing a number of decentralised apps to help creators and innovators with digital rights management, raising crowdfunds, talent recruitment, organising and distributing content and so on.
  2. Zeepin is based on the open-source Neo blockchain. It is designed to meet the goal of facilitating innovators to convert a creative idea into an operational digital asset. The platform helps developers to create decentralized applications by providing access to a consistent data pool of resources for digital copyrights, credit investigation, anti-counterfeiting, etc. The blockchain technology used in Zeepin makes every transaction and digital asset traceable, allowing individuals to protect their digital content.
  3. Zeepin token (ZPT) is a utility token, used as the native cryptocurrency of the Zeepin platform. It is required by users to access services and make transactions in the Zeepin ecosystem. The ZPT token works on Neo’s smart contracts functionality, allowing secure and traceable transactions.

Zeepin Development

  1. Zeepin is governed by the Zeepin Foundation, which was founded by Zhu Fei (CEO) in Singapore. Shenbi Xu (CSO) and Glove Gu (COO) aided Fei as the co-founders. Zhu Fei has 15 years of experience in the creative industry across multiple organisations. Both Fei and Xu have also previously served in Arting365 as CEO and CSO respectively.
  2. Zeepin minted total 1 billion ZPT tokens, out of which only 50% tokens were made available for sale. The company launched its initial coin offering on January 18, 2018, and managed to meet its goal by raising $62.5 million.


2. What are the benefits of Zeepin?

Zeepin Technology

Zeepin runs on Neo, which is “an open sourced, publicly maintained distributed computing bottom-layer network built on blockchain technology”. Using this technology, Zeepin wishes to create a platform that will allow the creation of decentralized applications. These blockchain-powered dApps will serve as a tool to tackle many issues in the creative industry, associated with project financing, remote cooperation, copyright management, etc. Some of these dApps are already in development, while some are planned for the future.

  1. ZeeRight: Creative copyright is one of the key aspects of the creative industry. The existing infrastructure lacks the ease of copyrights authorisation and sufficient protection for the creators. As a solution to these problems, ZeeRight dApp will facilitate the confirmation of creators’ right by digitizing and recording their creative assets. This will be done with the help of two types of digital assets, called “Copyright Pro” and “Authorisation Pro”. The platform will allow creators to use the copyright solutions for a near-zero fee.
    1. Copyright Pro works as a certificate issued to the creators when their rights on the content have been validated. It benefits from a life-long support by the Zeepin chain for copyright selling, transfer, and co-creator copyright distribution.
    2. Once, creators have received the Copyright Pro, they can issue Authorisation Pro to their stakeholders and contributors. This is a smart contract powered tool which allows profit-sharing among creators and stakeholders in accordance with a pre-decided agreement between contracting parties.
  2. ZeeProof: This dApp will provide the proof for the existence of copyrights. ZeeProof will utilise Zero-Knowledge proofs to protect content by eliminating the need for disclosing the content at the time of presenting the proof.
  3. ZeeSure Asset Insurance: ZeeSure is an IP insurance service based on blockchain technology. The service will cover the protection of creators’ digital property. In addition, it will also provide required legal advice to users.
  4. ZeeCreate: ZeeCreate is a matchmaking platform on the Zeepin blockchain. The platform will be used to connect creative content creators with the people who require that content.
  5. ZeeTalent: This dApp will work as a recruitment platform that will allow low-cost, global access to talent. Zeepin platform grants a unique online identity to each user in the community. The identities will be further verified through KYC and external identities.
  6. ZeeFund Crowd-Funding: Zeepin platform seeks to promote the quality-content creation by providing a platform, where individual creators and teams can launch a project with relative ease. The proposed project will be reviewed by the Zeepin Foundation and if it meets the necessary standards, the project will be made available to the community for crowdfunding.


3. How to buy and store Zeepin Token?

How to Buy Zeepin Token?

The total supply of ZPT token was pre-mined at the inception of Zeepin; so the platform does not support ZPT mining. However, users still have the option of obtaining ZPT tokens through trading on a cryptocurrency exchange.

  1. The Zeepin cryptocurrency can be exchanged on cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Gate.io, HitBTC, Kucoin, LBank, and Switcheo Network. ZPT is mostly paired with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether.
  2. The ideal way to buy ZPT is using the CoinSwitch. CoinSwitch is the largest cryptocurrency trading platform. It allows users to access the entire cryptocurrency market at one place. Users can compare ZPT rates in real-time across all leading exchanges and make an informed decision. Apart from trading functionalities, CoinSwitch also provides a secure wallet to store cryptocurrencies.

How to Store Zeepin Token?

Since Zeepin resides on the Neo blockchain, we will require an NEO compatible wallet to store our ZPT token. Some popular options that have been recommended by Neo are listed below:

  • Web wallets like NEO Tracker, SEA, and NEO WALLET
  • Desktop wallets – NEO-GUI, NEO-CLI, Neon Wallet
  • Mobile wallets – O3 for both Android and iOS, SEA - Android version
  • Hardware wallets like Ledger Blue and Ledger Nano S


4. What is the future of Zeepin?

Trend So Far

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  1. As of July 2018, the Zeepin cryptocurrency is placed at the 305th position amongst cryptocurrencies globally, based on a market capitalisation of over $20 million. So far, only 500 million ZPT tokens are available in the market from its total supply of 1 billion ZPT tokens.
  2. Zeepin started trading on cryptocurrency market at an initial price of $0.13. Due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, Zeepin’s price has witnessed plenty of fluctuations. In January 2018, the price reached its highest point of $0.19. As of July, it has declined to $0.04.

Price History







Market Cap

Jul 18, 2018







Jun 01, 2018







May 01, 2018







Apr 01, 2018







Mar 01, 2018







Feb 01, 2018







5. How is Zeepin different from other cryptocurrencies?

  1. Zeepin is a blockchain platform meant for supporting the creative industry. The ZPT token plays an important role in the Zeepin’s ecosystem. It is essentially a license needed to access the services provided by Zeepin platform. The ZPT token follows three purposes in Zeepin platform:
    1. Establishing a Consistent Community Incentive Mechanism
    2. Establishing a Disintermediated Service System
    3. Establishing a Safe and Efficient Crowd-funding Environment
  2. ZPT is needed by individuals to pay for services on all the dApps of the Zeepin platform. Apart from facilitating these payments, it will also be used as the exclusive way of crowdfunding the projects in the Zeepin community.


6. Should you invest in Zeepin?

  1. Zeepin is an ambitious project which aims to solve some real problems in the creative industry. If we look at its performance in terms of price, It has not been able to exhibit a stable growth so far. However, market analysts are hopeful towards the price hike in the long run.
  2. Zeepin Foundation has also been working with Arting365. The partnership will allow 1.2 million designers from Arting365 to provide their services on the Zeepin platform using ZPT. This will allow Zeepin to take advantage of an already established, large user base.
  3. Zeepin is a rather new project and many of its dApps are still in development; however, It benefits from a team that has needed experience and skills in the creative industry. Considering the state of project and nature of the crypto market, it will be premature to predict anything concrete about the Zeepin.
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