10 Solid Reasons to Invest in Cryptocurrencies in 2019

Anisa Batabyal
| 06 May, 2020 | 2 min

The world is evolving day-by-day. In terms of digital economy, cryptocurrencies have taken the market out with a storm. The growth of the cryptocurrency market at an exponential rate has led people to believe that the future of finance is here. Considered to be a virtual or digital currency, cryptocurrency is a digital payment method, not involving any government authorities or banks. It is anonymous in nature. Various investors all over the world are becoming familiar with the multiple cryptocurrencies available in the market.

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Along with the correct knowledge, the investors have earned an enormous amount of money in the past by merely investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, over the course of years, one question has flooded the minds of people, "Is it worth investing in cryptocurrencies?" People all over the world use various prediction models to predict the best time to buy cryptocurrencies. One of the most famous cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, has a long history of evolving over the years.

Here are 10 reasons why you must invest in cryptocurrencies in 2019:

1. The Future is Here

Considered to be an experiment, cryptocurrency is one of the technologies that have the highest probability of success in the near future. According to various reports, approximately, $120 billion is the current market cap of this growing industry. People all over the world have always questioned whether it is safe to invest in Bitcoin. However, analyzing the graph of the past 5 years, you could literally understand that Bitcoin is here to stay for a long time. Bitcoin is just one of the types of various cryptocurrencies in the market. In order to allow yourself to be on edge, it is the best time to invest in the cryptocurrencies right now without even giving it a second thought, given the bears are starting to play in the market.

2. Simplicity in investment

A whole lot of information related to cryptocurrency is available all over the Internet. With the help of all that information along with various forums and social media groups investors now find it really easy to invest their money in the cryptocurrency market. Various digital wallets are available online all over the world to purchase different types of cryptocurrencies and keep a track on them. One such famous digital wallet, Coinbase allows you to buy different cryptocurrencies along with providing a feature for the investors to monitor and retrieve them whenever required.

3. Be a part of this revolution

If you are familiar with cryptocurrencies, you might always think about whether it is worth investing in cryptocurrencies, right? As we all know, this technology is here to stay. In the near future, people would be regretting their decision on not investing in the cryptocurrencies at that time. Do not be one of them. Make sure you become a part of the evolution that will be talked about for years to come. Be part of the cryptocurrency revolution! Most certainly, the amount of money invested will feed the upcoming generations for years to come. People are cautious about whether it is safe to invest in cryptocurrency but never invest in Cryptocurrencies. However with several noted entrepreneurs like John McAfee and noted investors like the Winklevoss Twins. Therefore, it is essential for some people to start the initiative and be a part of the prosperous future.

4. Blockchain

The whole world has evolved its way up in terms of technology. Along with keeping a record of the transactions,  Blockchain technology takes part in providing security as well as decentralization and transparency. Due to its never-ending benefits, it could be said that the blockchain technology is in for the long game. The answer to all the questions regarding the best time to invest in cryptocurrency, whether it is safe to invest in cryptocurrency is held by Blockchain itself. The blockchain technology even ensures the security to the transactions which make it an important advantage when compared to the bank transfers.

5. Retrieve money any time you want

With the help of various wallets available online to buy multiple types of cryptocurrencies, you can efficiently manage your cryptocurrency and keep a track on them without any issue. The feature to instantly withdraw and deposit money when needed is possible thanks to the cryptocurrency markets being 24/7. This allows the investors to buy when they feel the prices are going high, and even prevent themselves from suffering a loss. The volatile nature of cryptocurrency is well played out with the 24/7 market.

6. The whales have not started investing

A tremendous amount of money is outside the crypto world. It is now time for the whales or in other words bigger investors to get in the game and start investing in cryptocurrency which would ultimately lead to the price of cryptocurrency rising to heights which could never even be imagined. Once the big investors make their way into the game, you could be totally assured that your money would result in a good multiplier. Big investors have not yet figured out whether it is safe to invest in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Once, they do, the higher stakes would raise the cryptocurrency market. Hence it is good to get involved now before the whales enter the market.

7. You can start slow and go big

It is possible for you to invest any amount of money and buy any cryptocurrency without even thinking much. There is no specific amount that an investor needs to pay to purchase the cryptocurrencies. The investors possess the choice to start small and make their way up to the big game.

8. Bitcoin

Should I invest in bitcoin in 2019? Is it safe to invest in Bitcoin in 2019? Many questions. One answer. Yes. Bitcoin has ruled the cryptocurrency market for a long time. Various investors have now asked the question of whether it is safe to invest in Bitcoin in 2019. Started from the bottom, Bitcoin raised the stakes to an all-time high in December of 2017. The highest value it reached was about $19,783.06 during that time. This led to many investors being lucky with their investment and praising about it during that time. The fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market to fell the price down to $3584.71. In 2019, various reports have claimed Bitcoin will once again beat all-time highs of $19,783.06, which encourages the investors to put their faith on Bitcoin once again. While 2018 was more about regulations for the cryptocurrency industry, 2019 is the best time to buy bitcoin.

9. Ideological Empowerment

People that are not a fan of centralized governments, as well as the regulations implicated by the banks, must consider cryptocurrencies for their regular payment use. Empowerment of masses has been possible with the help of the decentralization of the cryptocurrencies. People have become tired with several tax structures and limitations in terms of money by the government. Banks too have major outages in terms of technicalities and so neither are safe nor secure. The cryptocurrency offers the people of the free world to capitalize on such problems by providing security as well as safety for their money as well. Plus the freedom of capital transactions is the best part of them all.

10. Send money to anyone anywhere

Never has it been effortless to pay anyone worldwide without any formalities. With the help of cryptocurrencies, it is possible to pay anyone worldwide through cross border transactions without any charges as well. This feature encourages people to select this payment method for their further transactions primarily.

Final Verdict

Great potential for success in the future as well as various benefits attached along with the use of cryptocurrencies combines to develop a complete payment as well as investment source all over the world. It is recommended for people to stop thinking about whether it is safe to invest on Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies and to start spending on cryptocurrencies as this currency is predicted to achieve great heights on its way to success.

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