20 Real-world Blockchain Applications across Industries 2021 [Updated]

Anisa Batabyal
| 30 December, 2020 | 2 min

The blockchain is the encrypted and decentralized ledger technology that eliminates the intervention of intermediaries and has the power to streamline the business processes. In the year 2017, Blockchain became the second most popular search word on Gartner's website, and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) will continue to gain utmost significance across many industries.

Blockchain will help address several modern-day security concerns, including issues with contracts, identity, and fraud management. Blockchain-based lists will allow online retailers and financial organizations to conveniently vet their customers and fight against fraudulent activities.

Benefits of Blockchain

  • Enhanced security
  • Increased speed and efficiency
  • Improved traceability
  • Greater transparency
  • Cost reduction

Let's explore the Blockchain applications across industries which are using the real-life blockchain use cases:

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So, here are the top 20 successful Blockchain Application examples across Industries which are transforming the world:

Blockchain Applications In Cybersecurity

  1. Guardtime:   Guardtime Federal exclusively supports cybersecurity requirements of the US Department of Defense. This organization is creating a keyless signature which is currently used to secure the health records of one million Estonian citizens.
  1. REMME:  REMME has made it possible to transmit information affordable and quickly to more than two hundred million people. It is a decentralized authentication system which aims to replace logins and passwords with SSL certificates stored on a blockchain.

Blockchain Applications In Healthcare

  1. Gem:  The Venice, Calif.-based company Gem is bringing that blockchain technology to a broader set of applications through work the company is conducting with the Centers for Disease Control and the European technology services company, Tieto. This organization is working with the Centre for Disease Control(CDC) to put disease outbreak data onto a blockchain which says it will increase the effectiveness of disaster relief and response.
  1. SimplyVital Health: Has two health-related blockchain products in development, ConnectingCare which tracks the health progress of patients after they get discharged from the hospital, and Health Nexus, which aims to provide decentralized blockchain patient records.

Blockchain Industry Applications in Banking and Financial Services

  1. Barclays: Barclays has launched a number of technological initiatives which involves tracking financial transactions,  combating fraud and compliance. It states that they believe that Blockchain is a fundamental part of the new operating system for the planet.
  1. Maersk:  The shipping and transport consortium has unveiled plans for a blockchain solution for streamlining marine insurance.
  1. Augur:  Allows the creation of blockchain-based predictions markets for the trading of derivatives and other financial instruments in a decentralized ecosystem. A few days back, it was capturing the headlines for beating crypto kitties.

Blockchain Applications in Manufacturing

  1. Provenance:  This project aims to provide a blockchain-based provenance record of transparency within supply chains. A couple of days back, we heard that British pop star Peter Gabriel has invested in blockchain startup Provenance, whose ultimate goal is to create better transparency in food transportation by applying blockchain technology.
  1. TransActivgrid: A business-led community project based in Brooklyn is allowing members to locally produce and sell energy, with the goal of reducing costs involved in energy distribution.

Blockchain Applications In Government

  1. Dubai: Dubai is the world's first blockchain-powered state. In 2016 representatives of 30 government departments formed a committee dedicated to investigating opportunities across health records, shipping, business registration and preventing the spread of conflict diamonds.
  1. South Korea: Samsung is creating blockchain solutions for the South Korean government which will be put into use in public safety and transport applications.

Blockchain Applications In Charity

  1. Bitgive: This aims at providing greater transparency to charity donations and is working with established organizations like The Water Project, Medic Mobile and Save the Children.

Blockchain Applications In Retail

  1. OpenBazaar:  It has attempted to build a decentralized market where no middleman is involved in trading of goods and services. A fully permissionless marketplace.
  1. Loyyal:  This is a universal blockchain-based framework which aims at allowing customers to combine trade and loyalty reward points in newer ways so that retailers can offer more sophisticated loyalty packages.

Blockchain Applications In Real Estate

  1. Ubiquity: This startup is creating a blockchain-driven system for tracking the complicated legal process which creates friction and expenses in real estate transfer.

Blockchain Applications In Transport And Tourism

  1. Arcade City: An application that aims at beating Uber at its own game by moving ride-sharing and car hiring onto the blockchain.
  1. Webjet: Webjet is an online travel portal, which is developing a blockchain solution to allow stock of empty hotel rooms to be efficiently tracked and traded, with payment routed to the network of middle-men sites involved in filling last-minute vacancies.

Blockchain Applications In Media

  1. Kodak: Kodak recently is developing a blockchain system for tracking intellectual property rights and payments to photographers.
  1. Ujo Music: Ujo Music is founded by singer and songwriter Imogen Heap which can record and track royalties for musicians and allows them to create a record of ownership of their work.

Smart Contracts

  1. Slock: Slock is an Ethereum based internet-of-things (IoT) platform, which is using this application so that people can rent anything from bicycles to apartments by unlocking a smart lock after both parties agreed on the terms of the contract.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the blockchain applications?

The applications that run on blockchain technology are blockchain applications.

2. How is blockchain being used?

We have mentioned many blockchain use cases above and those are the use cases.

3. Why is Blockchain so important?

Blockchain is an evolving technology that enables decentralization, hence is becoming more and more popular.

4. Is blockchain safe?

The data is totally transparent and hence the probability of fraudulent activity is less.

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