Aeon Wallet

Anisa Batabyal
| 30 April, 2020 | 2 min

What is Aeon Wallet?

Aeon is an open-sourced, lightweight, mobile-friendly, decentralized privacy coin based on CryptoNight protocol with a block time of 240 seconds. Aeon is considered as Monero’s brother as they share the same underlying protocol and Aeon is focusing on being Monero-lite and Aeon builds up XMR’s CryptoNote hash when it's adding some lightweight functionality of its own. Aeon is a fork of Monero but enables faster verification than Monero and even has more block time as compared to Monero. Aeon’s closest competitors are other privacy-based coins based on the ease of use.

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List of top 4 Aeon wallets in 2020

The top 4 Aeon Wallets in 2020 are:

  • AEON GUI Windows Wallet
  • AEON GUI Mac Wallet
  • AEON GUI Linux Wallet
  • AEON Paper Wallet

#1 AEON GUI Windows Wallet

This is a windows client for AEON cryptocurrency which is also known as Sophia, version, and is known as the official Aeon wallet for windows wherein the UI is decent to be used. You need to download the entire blockchain and synchronize it using this wallet. Although the synchronization takes some time, once it is done, it will be a full node with an inbuilt wallet. The best part is that this is a non-custodial AEON wallet, where you are in charge of controlling your private keys.

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#2 AEON GUI Mac Wallet

This is the official AEON wallet for Mac users, released with the Sophia update. Again you’ll be able to run AEON full node using this wallet and the UI is decent. As its a heavy wallet, the synchronization might take hours before its set up. Like the windows version, even AEON Mac is a non-custodial wallet wherein you have the entire control over your private keys.

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#3 AEON GUI Linux Wallet

Along with windows and Mac, even Linux version is available in the Sophia update. Again it's a full node client, so in order to sync, you need to download the entire blockchain. After its setup post its synchronization, your wallet is ready to use. AEON wallet Linux is a non-custodial wallet as well so you can have direct control over your private keys as and when required. The users with Linux operating system doesn’t have to worry as this wallet is one of the most popular Aeon Wallet downloads.

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#4 AEON Paper Wallet

Paper wallets are not recommended for the ones who haven’t used one before as its a bit on the difficult side to use and not meant for the beginners. It requires a lot of caution on the user as they are keeping the private key printed on a piece of paper. But the ones who are used to storing crypto assets in a paper wallet, this is the best for them. You just have to keep the private key or the seed discreet so that it's not accessible to anyone but you.

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Note: We will keep you updated when AEON wallet android and AEON wallet iOS are added.

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