An Interview with Mr Paul Sokolov | Guarda Wallet 2020 - Everything you need to know

Anisa Batabyal
| 07 September, 2020 | 2 min

Our team at CoinSwitch reached out to Mr Paul Sokolov, CEO of Guarda wallet to see what he has to say on where the crypto industry is heading and what Guarda has in store for its users.

Guarda wallet is one of our partners; It is a cryptocurrency storage that supports the leading coins and their tokens, including BTC, ETH, BSV etc. Guarda’s core values revolve around providing freedom of privacy and top-level security to their clients.

Mr Paul Sokolov has extensive experience in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He has been in the industry for well over 5 yrs now and is the visionary behind Guarda.

Guarda Wallet Interview 2020:

    1. The crypto industry has experienced wide adoption in recent years. What is your take on “crypto in the past” vs “crypto in the present” vs “crypto in the future”?

It would sound cheesy, but the phrase “we’re still early” does make sense in this context. When talking about cryptocurrency in the past and comparing to what we have now, of course, we have come a long way – the crypto space has matured, became more ready for big and important moves (institutional adoption, work with businesses outside of the crypto space, better facilitation and much, much more), but it’s still a long way to go.

Right now, we need to concentrate on bringing cryptocurrency even closer to what we already have in the real world. Wallets become multi-tools, exchanges become more facilitates and feature-packed. From this point of view, the future of crypto is in stabilization of what we already have and gathering more individuals and companies to use what we have been building.

      2. Guarda is definitely one of the most favored multi-currency wallets. Can you tell us what it is that draws the users to Guarda, apart from it being a non-custodial wallet?

Thank you for highlighting our work! Guarda team is really concerned about privacy, security of keys and all the great points that you have mentioned in the question itself.

Being the very foundation of the project, these things come as default for us. What we are putting on top of this foundation is what truly sets Guarda apart from the other wallets. We have been working hard on making a wallet to suit everybody – from individual users to businesses. Making the product feature-packed, interesting for both communities of particular projects and overall cryptocurrency users, beginners and advanced clients.

For our team, it is important to add novelty. We add new assets and management tools constantly, listen to the people who use or would like to use Guarda, and shape the wallet to the needs of everyone in the cryptocurrency market.

Right now, non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets are way more versatile than they have been before – like the cooler (and way more private) versions of banking apps, wallets allow not only transact, but exchange, buy, sell, stake, take part in network governance, create Multisignature storages used by companies. All of this comes in a form of just application or client.

This is what we are doing, this is what sets us apart, and this is what draws new users in. We’re multi-platform, multi-functional and welcoming.

    3With this pandemic coming in, how do you think it shaped the crypto economy? Was the impact positive?

Talking about the positive changes we should mention the increase in popularity of crypto assets among traditional investors.

This change was mostly caused by the stock market and oil market drops. Also the COVID-10 pandemic has forced the transition from fiat money to contactless payment methods. All these factors can become the enablers of introducing national digital currencies, for example.

There have been even more things – the space of decentralized development and community-building has been ever so tight in the times of the lockdown. The crypto sphere is already pretty distributed, but it seems like the people actually building cryptocurrency infrastructure had even more ideas for growth and coming together in the times of the pandemic.

It’s horrible to say that the pandemic has been good for the space, but with traditional currencies becoming weaker, the economies losing millions and the crypto community just becoming stronger in building together, it seems like a fair point.

    4. Guarda has always been coming up with strategic innovations. Can you brief some of the upcoming developments that are in store for Guarda?

Sure. We are working on supporting as many assets as we can and creating a place where users can fully manage their crypto, as we have already mentioned. 

Regarding our roadmap - we are planning to add some new functionality, like expanding the Multisig support for other blockchains, for example. It seems to be a needed feature that the users ask about constantly – so it is important for us to deliver. 

Also, we are planning to let our users earn and lend crypto inside Guarda Wallet by integration with a defi service provider. Also, we have recently released an updated version of our mobile application, which has lots of new great features- like more staking, updated UI, nice graphics showing price changes, new fiat currencies, online customer support and much more.

We have been working really hard on that, that’s why we are super excited about the fact you will be able to use the new features soon.Can you comment on the rate of crypto adoption across the globe? What are the notable transitions you’ve come across since your inception in the crypto space?

Even though crypto has been around for almost 10 years, it still hasn’t received the attention it should have received. We believe that in future crypto may become as popular as banks and that it may become a good alternative to the banks, when it comes to payments and exchanges. The great thing about crypto is that it is accessible for everyone, not like the usual bank system.

Considering the fact that there already are some countries thinking about creating national digital currencies, crypto is indeed becoming really popular. 

However, we should take into account that education about crypto is crucial for massive crypto adoption. Without this, understanding of the importance and advantages of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is impossible. Also, we should mention that crypto is not a simple thing and users won't have a nice experience with crypto if they don't understand how it actually works.


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