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Anisa Batabyal
| 06 May, 2020 | 2 min

What is Ark Wallet?

Ark is aiming at a secure core technology and a decentralized ecosystem which would increase practical services for real people, hence increasing the user adoption rate. Ark operates on delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) algorithm, wherein the miners secure network transactions and secure the Ark network. Ark was launched in October 2016, has been one of the active community members ever since. Ark is focused on interoperability and as a token holder, you are allowed to vote for one delegate at one time. If you vote for a delegate with profit sharing, you can get dividends over time effectively. You originally had to pay a transaction fee of 0.1 ARK to send ARK and the fees are paid to the delegate who processes the blocks with those fees.

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List of top 5 Ark wallets in 2020

The top 5 Ark wallets in 2020 are:

  • Ark Wallet Ledger
  • Ark Wallet Desktop
  • Ark Android Wallet
  • Ark iOS Wallet
  • Ark Paper Wallet

#1 Ark Wallet Ledger

Ledger is a multi-currency hardware wallet which supports major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and likewise 1000 tokens. You can use companion apps like GPG, SSH or can build your own applications. You can check and confirm the transactions using buttons on the USB device, which can be connected to your PC. Your data and information is secured and locked by a PIN code. There are backup and recovery options also, with the help of a passphrase.

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#2 Ark Wallet Desktop

Ark Desktop wallets are the ones which are stored on either your laptop or desktop computers. The private keys are stored on the computer’s local hard drive. These wallets are not that secure like paper or hardware wallets since computers are susceptible to thefts and cyber-attacks which can lead to stolen private keys. But this is one of the best desktop wallets for Ark.

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#3 Ark Android Wallet

Ark Android wallet, as the name suggests is perfect for Android devices, and protects your device by a secured PIN. You can easily install the application in your android device and control the transactions 24/7. IT is protected by a passphrase which can be used during recovery if the device is lost or stolen. Ark Android wallet is considered as one of the best Ark wallets android and even perfect for Ark wallets download.

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#4 Ark iOS Wallet

The Ark ios wallet enables you to send ARK token transactions, helps in the delegation of voting or unvoting. You can create more than 1 profile with an Ark account. The Ark ios wallet is user-friendly and even the beginners can operate it without any confusion. You can even convert from crypto to fiat, as per the local currency. Ark ios wallet is considered as one of the best Ark wallets ios.

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#5 Ark Paper Wallet

Ark Paper Wallets are documents in the form of paper, wherein you can store your private keys. The software application would typically generate the keys, which can be printed using an offline printer. Most of the paper wallets come with an embedded QR code usually which can be scanned and signed to conduct transactions on the blockchain. They are considered as cold wallets as these are offline wallets and is considered as one of the best Ark paper wallets in 2019.

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