Awesome Miner Vs NiceHash

Anisa Batabyal
| 29 April, 2020 | 2 min

NiceHash is a popular marketplace for crypto miners to sell hash rates. Founded in 2014, it was the favorite among miners as it was easy to connect with buyers of hash power. But it is no longer the only marketplace these days as there are various alternatives to it. Among them, Awesome Miner is considered as the best NiceHash alternative for many reasons. But before you know the differences, it is important to know more about both of them. 

What is NiceHash?

NiceHash is a marketplace that connects both buyers and sellers of hash power in one place. This hash power is essential as it is a fuel that powers your hardware or computer to run cryptocurrency algorithms. It is a one of a kind service as it is not a cloud mining solution that rents out mining equipment, but connects various end-users to work with each other on mining, buying, and selling hash power. 

A buyer interested in buying hashing power selects the cryptocurrency to mine, the pool, and the price they can afford to pay. The miners fulfill the orders by running NiceHash software and send it to the pool. The seller or the miner gets paid in bitcoins and does not need technical skills for doing so. The buyer then gets the cryptocurrency from the pool. The advantage here for the buyer is that the process is easy, and there is no need to invest in mining hardware.

Features of Nice Hash

  • 2FA security: The Nice Hash offers two-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of security. It prevents phishing and other malicious attacks and makes sure your coins are safe. There is a lesser risk of coins being stolen with 2FA security. 

  • Fees: The software is available for free but will be charged a nominal amount for mining and depends on the amount spent buying or selling. The contracts can be canceled anytime with no charges.
  • Easy Setup: The user interface is easy to set up and use. It has various features like dashboard, benchmark, plugins, etc which improves the ease of use. 
  • Profitability calculator: This tool helps to determine if your GPU is profitable. It calculates the amount of money that can be made. 
  • Remote Control: A miner can manage rigs and their devices from anywhere through remote control features.
  • Fast access: Both miners and buyers can get access to massive hashing power in a quick time.

Awesome Miner and its Features

It is an application to monitor and manage cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. It can be run both on Windows and Linux machines. Some of the features it offers are:

  • Easy UI interface: It has a built-in web interface that can be accessed by any device.
  • Multiple user access: You can have multiple accounts with multiple users on the web interface. The user can decide the access permissions for each user account. 
  • Used for large scale mining: The application can be used for large scale mining and is flexible to work on high demand operations. 
  • Displays Profit: The profit made in mining is calculated in real-time and displayed based on the pool, hash rate, and power consumption. 
  • Power switching: It optimizes profitability by mining based on stats from multiple pools. It can easily access popular mining pools so that you can start getting profits immediately. 

As per Awesome miner review from experts, if you are looking for an alternative to NiceHash it should be this software. 

Differences between Awesome Miner and NiceHash

  • Security: NiceHash uses 2FA security to ensure maximum security against malicious attacks. Whereas Awesome Miner uses multiple user access with permission restrictions to provide security
  • Temperature control and monitoring: NiceHash does not have the feature to check for overclocking. Awesome Miner has a native overclocking feature to control the voltage, power, clock speed of the GPUs. 
  • Ease of use: NiceHash is easy to use and install on various devices and hence can be used by beginners. But Awesome Miner is difficult to install and is especially difficult for beginners.
  • Profitability: NiceHash does not have an intuitive way of monitoring the value of cryptos and its profitability. Hence switching is not that easy. Compared to that, monitoring mining and its profitability, Awesome Miner is better. 
  • Money Control: In NiceHash, there is no control over your money as you have to wait to sell until it has reached a specific number. In Awesome Miner, you can sell whenever you wish to. 
  • Fee: Nicehash takes a fee of 2 to 4% depending on the transaction wheres Awesome Miner takes 2 to 3% transaction fee. 

Choosing between NiceHash or Awesome Miner should be based on your expertise in this domain, profitability, ease of monitoring, remote control capability, and the cryptos you plan to trade. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is Awesome Miner safe?

Yes, Awesome Miner is safe and reliable.

  1. Is NiceHash profitable?

Yes, NiceHash is profitable for the buyer.

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