ShapeShift Alternatives: Is CoinSwitch The Best Option?

Anisa Batabyal
| 06 May, 2020 | 2 min

One of all the reasons, which made the users switch to digital currency is because its "anonymous" unlike fiat transactions like USD, EURO, etc where there is an intervention of a financial institution which keeps a record of all the transactions being made. That unique feature made Blockchain technology acceptable and adaptable.

But, today, ShapeShift - one of the leading crypto asset exchange platform made an announcement that they have introduced a “ShapeShift Membership Program” and KYC thereafter, which means all the ShapeShift users have to go for KYC process, in order to get access to the platform.

Anonymity is one of the major features of cryptocurrencies and ShapeShift was a pioneer platform to facilitate anonymous transactions. But now since shapeshift is going to ask its users to register and KYC, many are looking for ShapeShift alternatives.

There are many asset exchange services which provide exchange without user account and KYC, like Changelly, ChangeNow, Changer, and CoinSwitch.

ShapeShift Alternative - CoinSwitch

One of the main thing that distinguishes the both of them is that CoinSwitch is independent of the user personal details, as you can trade in the CoinSwitch platform without giving personal information. The other important difference is that CoinSwitch lets you compare between a dozen exchange platforms, from where you have the independence to choose freely the best rate according to you. CoinSwitch is a crypto exchange aggregator where you will get to see the rates of the other exchanges in the same page itself and exchange your coins through the best one.

Let's take a look at the irresistible features of CoinSwitch:

  • Trading

CoinSwitch is the world’s best cryptocurrency exchange aggregator, which supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies and over 45,500 cryptocurrency pairs to exchange. By crypto pair exchange, it means that you can even exchange from a cryptocurrency to another crypto, for example, Bitcoin to Ethereum, Ethereum to Neo, Zcash to Bitcoin and so on. It enables easy and secure trading operations, with the best and most competitive prices.

  • Partnered With The Best

CoinSwitch is the one place to trade via all major exchanges. It has partnered with the best exchanges in the world, which are: KuCoin, Cryptopia, HitBTC, IDEX etc and of course Changelly, ChangeNow, Changer. So if you are using CoinSwitch then you will always get the best exchange rate and you don’t have to create accounts on multiple exchanges. Just trade any crypotcurrency of your choice from CoinSwitch.

  • Transparency And Support

The best part is: no login is required while availing the services and you can use these servcies without the account. CoinSwitch is a non custodial service so we don’t believe in keeping your funds and it gets directly transferred to your wallets once transaction processed. You can track orders in real time. CoinSwitch provides 24/7 customer support including live chat, which helps with your queries resolved on the go, if any.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy service, feel free to use CoinSwitch. You provide your feedback at

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