Dentacoin Price Prediction 2020 - Dentacoin Price May Touch $0.00038 in 2020

Anisa Batabyal
| 30 April, 2020 | 2 min

Dentacoin is one of the very first cryptocurrencies that has been designed for dentistry, which aims to provide well being to the people by catering them with good dental care, and in some cases, they get rewarded for good dental health, too. Dentacoin is an Ethereum-based token that eliminates the flaws of the dental system by making it patient-centric. As per the American Dental Association, the average American pays $544 in out-of-pocket expenses wherein 90% of the expenses can be avoided by removing the middleman,i.e, the big insurance company and if they visit the dentist 3 times a year.

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When the user pays a small fee to Dentacoin, they receive ongoing dental treatment from a corresponding dentist, who get the basic ongoing basic income through regular payments. The unique part about the app is an “aftercare” feature, which helps you improve your health by developing healthy dental hygiene and habits.

What Is Dentacoin (DCN)?

Dentacoin is a non-competitive cryptocurrency which has the sole aim to focus on the progress of the global dental industry. The Dentacoin platform enables the unbiasedness of the patient review, which can be published to better the service and the user, on the other hand, gets rewarded in the form of DCN for their reviews, which can be used for their future treatments. It even offers a free incentivized gaming program that would be educating the users. The underlying blockchain presently has 3 products: Dentacoin Trusted Review ( a feedback forum), Dentavox (a marker research platform) and DentaCare (an app for maintaining good dental health).

Currently, Dentacoin (DCN) is trading at $0.000030 with DCN price 2.34% up today. The market cap of Dentacoin is USD 14,114,556 with 463,623,224,786 DCN circulating currently. The 24-hour price movement chart indicates that $248,342 worth of DCN were trading. 

Market Prediction For Dentacoin By Experts

Dentacoin has its own uniqueness, which has been creating quite a lot of speculations in the crypto space regarding its future value. Let us check what some of the major prediction sites have predicted:

#1 Crypto Ground

Crypto Ground is a cryptocurrency price prediction site which has given a detailed prediction for Dentacoin in the coming years. They have predicted that in a year, DCN might fall to $0.0001. In 5 years time frame, DCN might reach $0.0027, as predicted by Crypto ground.

#2 Digital Coin Price

Digital Coin Price has given the Dentacoin price prediction for 7 years in a row now, till 2026. They believe that in 5 years, DCN might reach $0.00025164.

#3 Coin Fan

Coin Fan has always been categorized as someone who gives an optimistic prediction. They believe that by 2023, DCN might reach $0.4.

#4 Wallet Investor

On the other hand, Wallet Investor is known for its pessimistic and bearish prediction. They believe that by 2020 end, DCN might go down to $0.000003.

Our Verdict On Dentacoin Price Prediction 2020

Dentacoin has big plans this year, where they have a bundle of things in their pipeline. The DCN community plans to upgrade their Dentacoin hub, assurance mainnet, the database of dentists and children’s educational games. The best part about Dentacoin is that they have a huge client base, and a talented and knowledgeable team of developers, who are updated with the latest technologies. Dentacoin provides fast data exchange and creation of smart contracts, which is already enlisted in most of the largest exchanges in the world. By the end of 2020, Dentacoin might reach $0.00038, which can happen because of the outstanding developments happening around the year.

Dentacoin Price Prediction 2020

Dentacoin aims to build DCN infrastructure for direct international trading between the suppliers and the dentists in cooperation with Alibaba, Amazon, and UPS. They have plans for expanding and creating a global community wherein the participants get motivated to use the DCN currency. 2020 is going to see a whole new adoption rate, which might make Dentacoin one of the most preferred crypto amongst the cryptizens. By 2020, Dentacoin might reach $0.00038, which might even take DCN high on the ranking as per the market cap, it might become one of the top 50 cryptocurrencies by then.

Dentacoin Future Price Prediction In 5 Years

Dentacoin future prediction suggests that the Dentacoin price is up for a long-term 2837.961789% in the DCN price value with a 5-year investment. This means that in the year 2023, the Dentacoin price is forecasted to stand at $ 0.00168.Dentacoin price Prediction 2025 suggests that DCN might reach $0.002.

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*This price prediction is based on the data collected from various sources. This should not be considered as an investing parameter and user should do their own research before investing.