Electroneum Wallet

Anisa Batabyal
| 30 December, 2020 | 2 min

What is Electroneum Wallet?

The Electroneum coin is a standard digital currency with no particular features other than being able to transfer it between the addresses, hold it in wallets and use it in lieu of currency wherever it’s accepted. The ETN platform itself is what makes it different. It’s a mobile-only coin, and anyone with a smartphone can download the app quickly and easily, create a secure wallet and simulate mining their own coins to get started. You must hold Electroneum in a wallet that helps keep your funds securely and keep it away from threats or hacks.

It’s specifically designed for CPU mining more than ASIC mining to keep mobile mining somewhat effective, But you’re not actually able to make a lot of ETN by simply mining with your phone. As such, Electroneum even offers a kind of promotional mining experience to let new users get some coins quickly.

Electroneum is geared specifically towards simplicity, with the goal of driving quick user uptake. You can even think of it as a mobile game, which can be downloaded from the app store. It is specially designed to get people hooked and it enables you to purchase in-game tokens which you can redeem for real money or spend on other mobile games.

List of 5 best Electroneum wallets in 2021

The top 5 Electroneum wallets in 2021 are:

  • Electroneum Wallet App
  • Electroneum Web Wallet
  • Electroneum Paper Wallet
  • Electroneum Desktop Wallet
  • Electroneum CLI Wallet

#1 Electroneum Wallet App

The mobile phone wallet has been specifically designed to be extremely user-friendly. Needless to say, when something is designed to be easy and convenient, it is not strong in terms of security. Malware can infect devices running the Electroneum app wallet easily. This can be very costly. One of the best things about the wallet app is that eventually, you would be able to use your phone’s processing power to mine ETN, proving it to be regarded as one of the best Electroneum wallets IOS. This might reduce its battery life and could slow down your device, but the team behind ETN wanted to make the platform appeal to the millions of people who live in developing nations and have access to smartphones. This wallet can be supported on any Android or IOS mobile phone. The small amount of currency that the Electroneum app wallet would be able to mine can offset the cost of a phone bill every month.

Click here to access Electroneum Wallet App

#2 Electroneum Web Wallet

This is the official web or online wallet for Electroneum and deserves to be included in the Electroneum wallets list. Your online Electroneum wallet would also require two-factor authentication, Captcha verification, and a PIN every time you log in to manage it so that there are additional layers of security and hence proved to be the most secure wallet. This can even grow out to be one of the best Electroneum Wallets in 2021.

Click here to access Electroneum Web Wallet

#3 Electroneum Paper Wallet

Electroneum paper wallet could be very easy to set up which can leave security to complete chance as in it completely depends on the user. Alternatively, an Electroneum paper wallet can be quite difficult to set up in a way that is entirely safe. If you know exactly how to do and do it properly, it would be one of the most secure cryptocurrency wallets around. If you accidentally set it up using a machine contaminated with malware, your wallet wouldn't be secure at all. How far you'd want to take the security precautions will actually depend on just how much you are storing on the ETN wallet generator.

Click here to access Electroneum Paper Wallet

#4 Electroneum Desktop Wallet

This wallet is one of the most secure and convenient desktop wallets as per the Electroneum wallets review. You might get the steps on how to create Electroneum wallets in the Electroneum wallet download section. This supports Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. ETN wallet address should be correct and must be verified before sending tokens.

Click here to access Electroneum Desktop Wallet

#5 Electroneum CLI Wallet

Electroneum CLI (command line interface) wallet which comes along with their mining software is quite a nifty piece of software that lets you manage the funds. You can also use it to view the Electroneum wallet balance and past transactions, send ETN somewhere else and more. The program runs in the command line hence it might take some time getting used to, but the commands are intuitive and easy.

The wallet CLI needs you to run a fully synced node of the Electroneum blockchain on your computer. You don't have to mine with it, but the node should synchronize with the rest of the blockchain so that the wallet could keep track of the things. So before going further, the mining software needs to download or sync the entire Electroneum blockchain to your computer, so that the app knows about all the transactions and the blocks in each.

Click here to access Electroneum CLI Wallet

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