EOS Price Prediction 2018 [Updated] – EOS May Go to USD 11 in 2018 – Thu, September 20, 2018

CoinSwitch | 20 September, 2018 | 2 min

Currently, EOS (EOS) is trading at $5.21 USD with price 2.67% up today. The EOS market capitalization is $4,724,291,506 USD in the market with 906,245,118 EOS coins circulating currently. The 24-hour price movement chart indicates that $615,743,468 USD worth of EOS Coins were trading. The price value peaked at $5.28 USD in the past 24 hours while the lowest price value was $4.96 USD.

EOS has retained its spot in the latest ranking of public blockchain projects released by the Chinese government. For the consecutive three months in a row, EOS has maintained its number one spot in the technology index. EOS is gradually but surely attracting dApps (decentralized Applications) that were initially on the Ethereum platform, and even changing the minds of many that were planning to develop on ETH. EOS hit a new historical record with the biggest number of mined blocks in August, 2018.

What is EOS?

The EOS coin went on sale (ICO) on  26th of June, 2017. EOS, in its white paper, is creating “a blockchain architecture that scales to millions of transactions per second, eliminate user fees, and allows for quick and easy deployment of decentralized applications.” EOS is a blockchain-based system which enables the development of commercial-scale decentralized applications, or dApps on the EOS.IO platform.

Similar to Ripple, EOS.IO  is able to compute millions of transactions per second, which is in total contrast to Ethereum's 20 TPS and Bitcoin's 3-4. The block one platform allows 50,000 transactions every second leveraging the smart contracts. EOS has raised 4 billion dollars from its year-long ICO.

Market prediction for EOS price 2018

With the market being so volatile, predicting the price of the cryptocurrencies is really one of the most difficult tasks.

Let’s consider the publications and personalities, and their statement regarding the EOS price prediction, which will give us a fairer idea:

#1 WalletInvestor:

According to WalletInvestor, investing in EOS will turn out to be a favorable venture for the investors, if they are willing to invest $100 for a period of 5 years, where the estimated revenue will reach roughly to around 811%. In 2023, it might reach $911.

#2 Business Insider

Business Insider predicts that EOS is going to evolve as the most formidable ICO in the Ethereum network. The EOS crowd sale and scalability makes it one of the five most significant tokens, as per the market capitalization.

Our verdict on EOS price prediction

EOS is a perfect enabler to help developers and engineers to build decentralized applications. Tech-savvy and finance-savvy investors are putting in a lot of emphasis on this coin because of its fantastic block one technology which is helping it grow up the ladder at a faster pace. If there’s one cryptocurrency, which is getting most of the optimistic prediction, EOS is the one. EOS can touch $11 by the end of the year.

EOS price prediction 2018

EOS is going to be valued around $11 in December 2018. As the acceptance ratio becomes more, the value surges upward. EOS is more technologically advanced than Ethereum and Bitcoin, due to which its pace of growth is the highest compared to other cryptocurrencies.

EOS price prediction 2019

Towards the beginning of the year, it will start on a positive note, then in March, it will decrease to half of what it was at the beginning of the year. It will take an upward rise in May and June, where EOS price will reach $9.79 by the end of May 2019. In December, it will take a long plunge upwards to $26.07 from $15.67 in November.

EOS price prediction 2020

2020 is definitely going to be the golden year for EOS, where it will reach $95 in July, after which it goes down gradually and reaches $56.25 by the end of the year. So, the in the first half of the year it will start with a highly positive note, after which it will go down gradually.

EOS price prediction in 5 years

EOS price prediction suggests that the EOS price is up for a long-term 1444.88% in the price value of EOS with a 5-year investment. This means that in the year 2023, the EOS Price is forecasted to stand at $106.77.

Over the coming years, this crypto will gain its usability index plus its acceptance all over the world. As it works on decentralized blockchain platforms, it's becoming popular among developers, who in turn will try and explore other platforms running in this technology. You can convert EOS to BTC from CoinSwitch at best rates.

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*This price prediction is based on the data collected from various sources. This should not be considered as an investing parameter and user should do their own research before investing.