Ethereum Mist Wallet - Step by Step Guide

Anisa Batabyal
| 06 May, 2020 | 2 min

Typically, an Ethereum Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet (software) meant to store and share cryptocurrency. Basically, it serves the similar purpose of that of your bank account where you store, receive, and remit money. 

However, your Ethereum wallet enables you to store, receive, and remit the ERC20 tokens (currency designed to use on Ethereum platform) but only on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Thus, the traditional means of handling various currencies is soon being taken over by cryptocurrencies, which run of software like Ethereum. 

In fact, with the fast advancing world with rising artificial intelligence and user interface, understanding how it works and what makes it tick is important. 

And, if you are new to the world of Ethereum Wallets or Cryptocurrencies, you are not alone. However, having a basic understanding will certainly help you in the long run. In fact, it is very easy to understand and use it. 

So, before dwelling into it, first, let us understand what it is all about. 

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What is an Ethereum Mist Wallet?

Generally, to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain, one needs a blockchain client. While there are different types of blockchain clients, interpreting or handling them gets quite intimidating. The Mist comes into the picture here. Ethereum mist is a program that connects with the blockchain client like Geth and also serves as a user-friendly interface for your Ethereum wallet. 

And, as an Ethereum mist tutorial or how to use the mist Ethereum guide, this article will help you understand the Ethereum Mist Wallet.

Mist Wallet Ethereum is, in fact, the best used Ethereum wallet UI, which makes using the Ethereum platform easy. As beginners, however, you may come across Ethereum-related terms like mist eth., which is short for mist wallet Ethereum. 

In other words, Mist is the official Ethereum wallet.

How to Use Mist Ethereum With This Step-By-Step Protocol 

Step 1: The first step involves the Ethereum Mist Wallet download. As Mist Eth is the ideal option as it is one of the latest versions, we recommend you to download the same. 

Step 2: After you have tackled the primary step, the next step is the Mist Wallet Ethereum Installation.

Step 3: Once you have successfully launched the mist eth wallet, you must wait for Ethereum Node to Sync. After its completely synced, you must choose the network. Typically, for testing purposes, we recommend you to ‘Use the Test Network Option’

Step 4: After this, you will be prompted to assign a password. This is a crucial aspect as once you select your password, you can never change it or even reset it. So, make sure you never forget it. 

Step 5: Once the password is set, you can take a look at your account overview.

This was the Ethereum Mist Tutorial for beginners to get a basic understanding of the downloading and installation process. 

Understanding your Ethereum Mist Wallet Account

You have completed the downloading and installation process, and have also created your passport. So, where is your Ethereum Mist account address?

The Account Address is found below your account name in the Main Account Page. This account address is important as you share this address to receive the ether (token) 

Similarly, to send ether to other parties, go to SEND and enter the address of the receiver and choose the amount you wish to send. Enter your password and send the amount; it is as simple as that. 

And, if you want to have a look at your transactions, simply go to the transaction section, where all your transactions are displayed. 

Importance of Ethereum

As a cryptocurrency platform, there is a far better appeal to it, which is the blockchain technology. While the cryptocurrencies are rising in popularity, the blockchain technology has the scope to further revolutionize business models of corporate companies, governments, financial institutions, etc. 

It has the scope to form a larger web where one can expect accountability block by block. Apart from the ability to blend within any sector or even across sectors, blockchain technology has other perks too. 

For instance, enhanced transparency, accountability, and immutability. It is also highly secure as it makes use of cryptography. Surprisingly, when compared to other platforms, blockchain facilitates faster transactions and settlements. 

Decentralization is the element of Ethereum, which is the reason for the rise and popularity of not just Eth but also other cryptocurrencies. And, this is facilitated by blockchain technology. 

Backed by blockchain technology, it is not far when Ethereum overtakes the older cryptocurrency platforms. Thus, for individuals who have no clue about cryptocurrency, we recommend Eth Mist. In fact, we believe it to be optimal for beginners.

While this may true, there are other attributes as well. Some of the reasons which make Ethereum popular are as follows.

Transparency: As it functions on a decentralized blockchain platform, all the attributes of blockchain technology apply to the Ethereum wallet as well.

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