Ethminer vs Claymore Comparison

Anisa Batabyal
| 06 May, 2020 | 2 min

Cryptocurrencies have now become one of the most credible currencies in the world. The primary reason behind that is the decentralization of currency and giving power to all the account holders. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that introduced blockchain technology. The blockchain technology distributes the power of the organization among all the shareholders. Due to this, there are no chances of corruption, and the currency becomes highly credible. The blockchain technology works on mining of bitcoin. In this process, each system connected to the network of Bitcoin acts as a node. These nodes continuously work to give solutions to update the ledger of the transaction of bitcoin. The node which successfully updates the ledger first is awarded bitcoin. The concept of decentralization was highly appreciated by the majority section. 

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Why is Decentralization Appreciated?

Usually, the currency is issued by an authority. In real life, it is the central bank or the government. This authority has complete control over the management of currency. Also, they can freeze or edit any account under them. This increases the chances of corruption with power. To overcome this problem, decentralization was introduced through Bitcoin. In this system, an account can only be edited if the whole network agrees with it, which is impossible. 

Due to this, many people and companies tried to introduce a platform to quickly create a decentralized network. However, Ethereum became the first platform that helps you to make your program decentralized with its network of systems all over the globe. 

Ethereum uses a mining procedure just like Bitcoin. Whichever, system cracks or updates the ledger first, wins a set of an award. You can also say that Bitcoin or Ethereum makes you a temporary bank to do the transaction. However, to do mining, you need specific software that is designed specifically to crack Ethereum codes. Some of the software are Ethminer, Claymore, and Phoenix.

Also, make sure that you use Ethereum rather than Ethereum classic. The main difference between the two is that in the classic version, you cannot edit a contract unless all the nodes agree on it. However, the other version is a highly flexible and improved version of the classic version.

The biggest competition of software is Ethminer vs. Claymore’s performance. Both of these are highly effective in solving Ethereum equations with the peak power of your system. Here are the top differences between the two software.


Ethminer is an open-source mining software for Ethereum. This software is highly known for being transparent and easy to use. The processing and outcomes of this software meet the top-notch requirements. This software is written in C++ language and supports all Ethash based coins. This software is entirely free and is highly recommended for Nvidia graphic cards. However, this software doesn’t offer command-line customization. 

This mining pool also offers secure connectivity with other operating systems like Android, iOS, and many more. It also provides instant email servicing in case of a valid warning. It has accurate hash rate reporting and instant payout procedure. 

There are many mining pools available for Ethereum. Most of them give you a fixed ID through which you mine. However, Ethminer allows you to increase your privacy by anonymous mining.


Claymore is another widely used mining pool due to its dual mining nature. This software supports both Nvidia and AMD processors. This software is well known for being with the lowest devfee. It has the lowest impact on the processing speed of the system. However, this software is not free, like Ethminer. To use this software, you need to buy it. Also, it is a closed-sourced software. Therefore, it is highly opaque. Another advantage of this software over Ethminer is that almost all operating systems like Linux and Windows support it. 

The latest version of this software is 12.0. It was introduced in 2018, and it provides 2 and 3 GB cards with zero devfee. It has also reduced the minimum GPU requirement. 

Except for this, you may also observe competition between Claymore vs. Ethminer vs. Phoenix. However, the Phoenix mining pool is not up to the mark to be compared with the other two pools. 

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