Fantom Wallet

Anisa Batabyal
| 06 May, 2020 | 2 min

Fantom Wallet is the newest design to make your wallet as thin as a blade and as light as a slice of bread! This wallet can easily replace your existing bifold ones, which often ends up bulky and not easy to manage. The Fantom Wallet serves its purpose with ease and helps you with your minimalism living. 

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With some perfect slots for the numerous cards that you carry around, this wallet has slots for coins as well as currency. Safe from the eyes of the RFID, this wallet allows a worry-free journey. 

Table of Contents

What is Fantom Wallet?

Fantom Wallet is a thin wallet having slots for each card that fans out at the press of the provided lever. The wallet is made to reduce the use of bulky purses and also provides easy access to the cards placed inside. Not only would it make it easier for the users to take out the desired card but also protect them all from the RFID scanning.

The features

  • Fantom Wallet is the thinnest possible wallet with a thickness of mere 8mm and weighs just one ounce. The length of the wallet is 4.6” and the width is 2.8”. 
  • The thickness, number of card slots, and the weight vary with the model you choose. 
  • Each will be inserted into individual slots. There is a total of 6-10 card slots, depending on the size you choose. 
  • There is an ergonomic lever that is easily operated with your thumb. It is specially made for single-handed operation. 
  • The body of the wallet body is made of carbon fiber that helps keep up the feather-light feature. Aluminum body material is also available. The weight of the wallet varies with the material used. 

Available Models

There are three models available named Fantom R7, Fantom 10, and Fantom 13. Each of these models has a different size, weight, and the number of card slots inside. 

Each of the models is further classified as a regular or coin version. 

The coin version is otherwise known as the Fantom Wallet Coin holder. There is also an optional (not a default feature) feature of a money clip that is attached to the top of the wallet, which is available in different colors. The currencies and notes go into this slot, making it a complete wallet. 

The basic length and width of the wallets stay the same. Only the thickness and the weight vary with the model as well as with the regular or coin versions. 

The number of cards that can go inside the wallets may vary with the type of card that you are using. The flat cards with no embossing may fit more in number than the cards with embossed letters. 

How Does The Fantom Wallet Work?

The wallets have a thumb lever that works ergonomically. Just at a push with the thumb, the lever unlocks, and the cards would pan out. The slots are made in such a way that even when the cards are fanning out, they do not fall out of their slots, even if there is only one card inside the wallet. 

This mechanism helps you access any card or the first card without disturbing the others. 

More importantly, when the cards are panned out, they do not get exposed to the RFID system as their chips are still safeguarded by the wallet. 

Fantom Wallet Review 

When compared to the common bifold wallet, the Fantom wallet review says that it does not need that much space and is easy to carry. The only thing to be careful about is that this wallet is better in the front pocket rather than in the usual back pocket of trousers. Sitting on the wallet, it can damage it easily. 

Another care point is that the wallet is waterproof but must stay away from saltwater or continual exposure to moisture or water. 

The Final Notes

Fantom wallet makes a wonderful addition to the minimalism concept. There are six finishes available so that users can choose their version conveniently. The only drawback here is that the regular and coin versions as non-customizable. The coin holder is not a feature that you can add or remove as an additional. Each of these versions stays true to itself. It’s easily available online. Check it out!

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