Flypool Mining Pool Review 2020

Anisa Batabyal
| 06 May, 2020 | 2 min

Mining is a great investment, especially when you use Zcash as a digital currency. The said process of mining can be accomplished in two different ways. You can either mine solo or join a specified pool. However, pools provide you a better opportunity to earn a larger sum of profits. They augment your mining power and help you gain smaller but more frequent payments. 

Thus, when it comes to choosing the right pool, the decision has to be well analyzed. This is because this will directly influence your profits while simplifying the earning process. However, among all Zcash pools, FlyPool is touted as one of the best pools. It is the highly recommended mining pool for Zcash users.

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What is FlyPool Mining Pool?

FlyPool is a Zcash mining pool operated by Ethermine owners. The pool is competent to offer precise hash rate reporting and enables customization of minimum payout for reaping maximum benefits of instant payout option through the PPLNS method (pay per last N shares). Another notable reason behind the popularity of FlyPool is its lower commission rates with higher control of about 50% of the network hash rate. FlyPool allows mining Zcash at a 1% fee through fair and secure payment methods. Moreover, when it comes to setting up EWBF, mining software with FlyPool is extremely convenient as it neither requires an account nor a password. It facilitates anonymous mining simply through the use of a wallet address.

FlyPool mining is able to deliver high performance due to its servers being located all around the regions of Asia, the U.S., and Europe.

The FlyPool servers areas listed below:


  • Europe:
  • U.S.A:
  • Asia:


  • Europe:
  • US East:
  • US West:
  • Asia:


  • Europe:
  • U.S.A:

Since now we have explored everything about the FlyPool mining pool, now let's take a plunge into its process of setting up the pool.

Process For FlyPool Setup

Visit the FlyPool website, and strike down to the Windows-Nvidia tab section. Next, copy the example for the script, as shown below.

Paste the copied string into the FlyPool .bat file located in your EWBF miner folder. When done with this, edit the FlyPool .bat file using a right-click. As a result, this will open a notepad document; here, you need to insert all the code from FlyPool. The code mentioned here involves updating the server to "EU1" and eliminating the "–cuda_devices" code at the end. Use this code only when you allot mining tasks only to specific devices.

After executing the aforementioned process, copy your wallet address and paste it into FlyPool .bat file. Remember to replace the user t1NF….8DX, as mentioned in the script with your own address. 

Once the process is complete, you can save your file as a batch file with these steps: 

Step 1: Click File

Step 2: Click Save as

Step 3: Add .bat extension to the file name and click save. 

Since now you have a fully configured batch file, you can start Zcash mining. Want more convenience? Create a shortcut of your newly created .bat file on the desktop.

Processes to Mine Zcash at FlyPool

Now that know how to set up FlyPool, all you need to do is to configure the settings for Zcash mining rig:


  1. Identify the FlyPool Zcash server lying in close proximity to your mining rig's physical location.
  2. Create a file in your EWBF’s Cuda Zcash Miner folder. The file name should be something like start_ZEC_flypool.bat. However, when using Linux, the extension should be .cmd. 
  3. Open the recently created file in a text editor.
  4. Copy the entire script line staring with a miner and paste it into a file with the following changes:
    • Replace YOURSERVER with the FlyPool server located nearest to you
    • Replace YOURWALLET with your Zcash wallet address
    • Update YOURRIG with the name of the mining rig for which you are setting EWBF. 
  1. Save the file


  • Start mining

Now you are ready to start mining Zcash on FlyPool. If you want to monitor your progress in FlyPool, you can visit

Additionally, to determine your miner, enter your wallet address on the top right corner of the FlyPool webpage and use magnifying glasses to find the one. Well, it is worth noting that apart from using the terminal/Command-line window, you can also use a web browser to monitor the miner.

Stuck With Issues? 

During the mining process if you come across certain issues, then their probable reason may be:

  • When you initiate the mining FlyPool mining pool takes a few minutes to notify your miner.
  • The values set by you in .bat or .cmd file may be wrong. 
  • Your mining rig might have something incorrect. 
  • The FlyPool website may help down to confirm this; you may visit 

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